04 March, 2015

CNY 2015 - Day 15 & Some TMI

Hello... I can hardly believe that the month of February is over. It feels like the the year 2015 just started. Two months of the year has gone by and I am still in dreamland. Have not achieve what I had planned or rather hoped to achieve. I find that as I age time really flies real fast. That is not the only thing I found as I age. As I age I found that things moving south is inevitable. My skin, eye lids, breast, tummy and buttocks are all victims of it.  Sob.. sob...
Lines or wrinkles may it be fine, deep or faint ones. They are present. They draw my face without my permission...
Spots has started to appear and I don't mean those that plague me since my teens.  Blame it on my lack of sunblock when I was in my youth. Thanks goodness they are not that noticeable yet but I do notice them. 
Talking about spots. I found that as I age it does not mean those spots; those pesky red, painful spots that appear will be gone. Instead they are more active than before. They appear randomly along my jawline more so than before.
Next, my nails are more brittle than before. Peeling, dry and weak nails. 
My skin is drier all over my body. From head to toe. 
My hair is getting thinner and so are those on my brows too. If I do not draw my brows - it is as if they are not there at all. Yes, they are that sparse. 

OMG !!!! What a sad state I am in. Lol...

So, I am leaving you with all this TMI (too much information ) stuff on the last day of CNY...


03 March, 2015

CNY 2015 - Day 14 A Happy Day

Hello... Today I lost and found back my gold ear stud. To be more precise it is the back part of my ear stud. You know the part that holds your stud in place.
I was on my way out, walking to the bus stop. I was sticking in my ear phones and somehow pulled the ear stud from the front. Instantly I stopped walking and touched my ear. The stud was still there but the other side of it was gone. Looked around the ground around me and can't find it. I thought that was the end of it. As I was in a hurry I went on to catch the bus feeling mighty disappointed with myself. 
On our way back #1 helped me to looked for it again. Less than five minutes He found it. The wonder of youth and their good eye sight. Very, very happy to have found it. I thought I will not be able to wear it again until I find a replacement. This is a pair of earrings my Mom gave me during my wedding. So very happy !! 

Another reason for my happiness today  was I collected my laptop which I sent off for repair. I know it is new but the hard drive died. Must be all the games and videos.... Made my way with #1 all the way to the other end of the island to collect it. A long ride on the train. Lucky I had someone to talk to on that ride. After  the collection we had lunch. My happy meal. I call it that because I like the soup here.  Not a heavy meal. Just right for a diet conscious me. Ya, right ... As if I count my calories. Lol... 

Well.. I had to make some space for dessert. :)  Strawberry Cheesecake shared with my son. Yum yum...

For dinner tonight I prepared this for dinner. No idea what it is called in 
English. We called it nga koo. It is one of those CNY symbolic thingys. A bit late to have it served but it is still within the CNY period. 

All in all it has been a good day. Found my lost ear stud, my laptop is back with me and had a good one to one chat with my son. 
Yup, one happy mama here. :) 


27 February, 2015

CNY 2015 - Day 9 & A Beauty Haul

Hello... It has been quite a while since I did any updates. I have nothing much to blog about. I have been watching dramas nearly non stop the last few days. One of the reason why there is no news....lol...
Today is the ninth day of CNY - Pai Teen Koong - a big day for the Hokkiens. Back home it will be celebrated at midnight with fire works and outside the houses decorated with sugar canes. Here in Singapore it is just like any other day. No fire works, no pi ling pang pang, no house decorated with sugar canes. Fire works are ban here unless it is set off by the approved personnels. Reason for the quietness. Sugar canes ? I don't see any outside the doors.  Maybe now a days they chop it up and place it in the house instead of carrying the whole cane with its leaves on. What I do get here or rather smell is the burning of offerings from late last night to this morning. 

Ok enough of my ramblings. I will now move on to what I want to talk about - my beauty shopping haul. Most of these items are brought during the Black Friday sales. I know it has been quite a while since that sales but I only got it now. The reason being I ordered them on line and was shipped to my Sis in US. To save on the postage. Plus there were other items bought later on. Usually we will just wait until it fills up to a nice parcel to make it worth while. I had forgotten to snap pictures of the things in the parcel but they include two pair of shoes, a bag and snacks. It also includes other beauty stuff ordered by my friend. The shoes belong to my aunt and #1. I received the parcel just before CNY but I was too busy to blog about it. 

I bought this pair of Timberland for #1. Whose feet only fits a US size 12. Nice ? It is real difficult to get a pair of good shoes for him in that size. We did looked around locally and the largest they carry was US size 11. So we had to do our shoppig online. 

Here is my beauty haul from US. Most of them are first time purchases as I have heard a lot about them from bloggers and you tubers. I want to try them out. The rest are repeats coz I just like them. 

Carmex Lip balms. One of my fav lip balms that heals dry or crack lips. Keeps my lips real moisturize. 

Lip balms from Gerad Cosmetics. Buttercup ( left ) and Rose Hill ( right ). I like these lip balms. They are moist , creamy and just I love those shades. The Rose Hill is a repeat purchase. 

Gerad Cosmetics Lipsticks - Buttercup ( left) and 1995 ( right ). My first time trying out their lipsticks. My purchases have been influenced by the youtuber Jaclyn Hill. I like her videos and I learnt how to put on my makeup from her. She is half my age but I am so inspired by her. Keep up the good work Jaclyn. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel. A clear gel to keep my brows in place. :) 

More brow gel from Anastasia Beverly Hill a to my brows in check. This time a Tinted Brow Gel.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Taupe  and Medium Brown. Again those brow makeups are my first time. 

Kat Von B Tattoo Liner. 

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil. Another repeat. One of my fav oil. I mixed a drop of it with my night moisturizer before applying it on to my face. I use it for my hair too.  

21 February, 2015

CNY 2015 - Day 2 & 3

Hello... How are you ? I hope you are all having a great time feasting during these few days and not sick of the CNY songs blasting everywhere.
Today will be a continuotion of my CNY posting. 

Day 2 nothing much happening. Hoi neen with my mom. I skipped tradition and made Siamese laksa for lunch instead of a full blown multiple dishes kind of lunch. Woke up early to prepare it   Quite easy as I had prepared the spices in advance. 
After a yummy lunch it was ... Yes. Nap time...zzzzzz......
All of had a nap except for the boys. As usual they are engrossed with their games. Woke from my nap and I made a trip to our local supermarket to get a tray of Yue Sang for tomorrow. 
That's it for the second day of CNY. No visiting or visitors. 

CNY Day 3

Today was a hot hot day and we had to visit my SIL's. The weather was so hot I would feel my make up melting away....

Yue sang - tossing my first for this year. 

Popeye Fried Chicken for lunch. Yup. This year we are leaning towards a very simple and western kind of meals for CNY. 
After our feast of fried chicken and salad we all lazed around chatting. The young ones played card games and mahjong. The older folks put on some Chinese songs which I don't understand but they seems to enjoy it. 

That's how I spent my CNY. Year after year the same routine with some minor changes here and there. Boring right ? 
Ya, I find it boring too. Wish we can do some major changes but most likely it is  not possible. 

So... Bye... Going to enjoy a glass of wine to ease my boredom. 

20 February, 2015

CNY 2015 - First Day

Wishing all my friends a 
Happy Lunar New Year !
Gong Hay Faat Choy ! 
May the year of the Goat brings you health and prosperity ! 

With all the greetings done, I will now blog about my first day of CNY. 
Same old routine, not much changes from the previous years. 

Woke up, heat up my breakfast which happens to be the zhai I cooked yesterday brought forward to today to 'chaat' nean. A family tradition of ours to always have some left over food from the year before to bring forward to the new year. This year that was this vegetarian dish. 

Then chatted with my Sis on FaceTime. She celebrated her new year with her friend. 

Next I got to get ready for my day. These were the makeup I used today. 

My outfit of the day. To brighten it up I carried some red accessories. A red bag and shopping bag to carry all my oranges and gifts. 

This year our family get together leans more towards the western side. My SIL called in pizza which came with some chicken and garlic bread. 
After lunch we say around chit chatting, snacking on CNY goodies.  

Next we move out to H's uncle. More sitting around and chit chatting with his relatives. 
That's it. Our duty for the day is over and we had dinner in Swensen's at AMK Hub. Celebrated #1's birthday there. 
Again a western meal. Mainly because most of the other shops were closed on the first day of CNY. 

Baked spaghetti meat balls 

Sirloin steak. 

#1's free ice cream from the birhday boy. 
Poor boy his birthday had been over shadowed by the on going festivities. On the bright side he collected extra angpow this year. 

So... That's it.  Our first day over and done with and I am all tired out. Seriously  that is how I feel every year. Tired during this festive season. Must be all the extra cleaning and shopping before it. Not to mention all the food I snack on. With this kind of carbo over load how is it possible not to sleep. Lol....

So.. Ya... I will end here and go take a nap. 
Bye ...

18 February, 2015

CNY Eve 2015

Hello.... It is the eve of the biggest Chinese festival of all today and I am semi prepared for it. Blame it on my procrastination and not in the mood to do anything. I have been in this ' not in the CNY mood ' for a long time and only really started preparation last week. Although I went shopping for clothes months ago. Well, it was during the sales period. Too good to pass it right ? Anyway my new CNY dress is ready but my boys was not. Well it is by now. All three of them bought theirs last week and the lates one was yesterday. As expected they did not want to do any shopping during the sales. They kept telling me not to worry... Yesterday one of them came home with a brand new shirt and expect me to wash and iron it.
No way !! 
Everyone has been cleaning their house weeks ago. I only started it yesterday.  At least I got the curtains and windows done last week. Yesterday it was the dusting and major removal of dust from places that have not been touched since god knows when.  

Then popped out for a quick visit to our local florist for flowers. Got some fresh and yes, those eye poking ones too ( pussy willows ). Becasue of that some rearranging of the furniture was made. 

So, that's it. That is as clean as it could get. It could have been easier if I had move myself to do it weeks ago like most  people did. But nope I had to wait untill the last moment and start running round like crazy. 

Next, some pampering session for myself. I got my nails and hair done.  Although ithe hair was cut last week  my manicurist was able to slot me in for a mani/pedi. 

When I was not in the mood for any CNY preparation and shopping I did buy something. I bought some fish crackers and had been snacking on those. Did not plan to buy much CNY goodies.  The next thing I know CNY goodies and snacks stacked up like a mountain on my table. 

In between all the last minute chores and shopping I noticed that this has been my favourite bag lately. I find it so convenient. Just sling it across and I am out of the house  Be it maneuvering the shopping cart in the super crowded supermarket or carrying groceries home this bag is awesome. Does not get in the way at all as I use it as a cross body. Could even fit in my sunglasses too.

Another fav is thiis lipstick from Fresh. A balm with a super nice pink colour with a SPF on top of it. What more can  one asked for. Great for just swiping it across my lips as I most likely will forget to put on some lip colour rushing out of the house. Usually I will remember to when I am in the lift. This has been a permanent fixtures in my bag lately. 

My next fav is my sunnies. Slip these on when ever I leave the house for my shopping. It has been real sunny and hot here lately. I can slip these into its case and it goes into my bag too. 
Now you know why it has been my fav bag lately. This little bag can hold a lot. 

Now I am at my in-law's place for our reunion dinner. Let's dig in. ....

So... Bye 

Wishing everyone a prosperous new year !! 
Gong Hei Faat Choi !! 

15 February, 2015

Valentines Day


Woke up this morning to a bunch of roses from H. He is such a sweetie... 
Love my man +++

09 February, 2015

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat


Here is a picture of my neighbourhood cat. The most photographed cat around  here. It's is not famous or what. Just it is the the only cat around here that allow you to snap a picture of it. :) I have seen others taking pictures of it. The other cats are more skittish or wary of humans. 

Seriously, it does not move at all. Just lay there and allow you to snap away with your mobile. Infact it looked kind of bored    Or maybe it's just too lazy to move. This cat is getting fatter. H names it 'Fat Cat'. We don't think it belong to anyone staying here but someone seems to be taking care of it. It does not wander far. It is always seen within the vicinity of this certain block of flat. It is like there is an invisible barrier and it dare not  cross it. It just lay or sit there looking at passerbys with is bored fat face. Waiting to be patted or photographed. 



08 February, 2015

A Weekend Of Yummy Food

Hope you all are having a great weekend. 
Mine was dotted with food along the way. What else is new, right ? 
Here are some of the shots I took and no I did not bake or cooked anything awesome today. I did prepared fried rice before going out for the boys. The usual kind of fare I always prepare during the weekend. Nothing special. 

A parade of yummy pineapple tarts marching right into my tummy tum tum...

Made an impromptu visit to my gf bearing our fav coffee and I being thick skin and all snapped pictures of her hard work and posted them on my site. Like the Chinese saying - something along this line - using someone's butt as my face.  Get my meaning ... Lol...

Seafood porridge

Crab porridge 

Seafood noodle

Seafood pancake

After spending a couple of hours at my gf watching her hard at work while I surfed her cable... ( in between tried on a dress )  we walked over to J-Story for dinner.  J-Story is a Korean restaurant located in Eastpoint Mall. I like their porridge which was what we had today. The pancake was not bad too. 
Btw my gf makes a mean pineapple tart only second to her mom's. Sorry my friend, lol...

So, that's it. My weekend dotted with yummy, yummy food. 
Have a awesome weekend, everyone. 

03 February, 2015

Breakfast Time

Good morning, everyone ... Care to joint me for breakfast ? 
Feel like going healthy this morning. Lol...
Made myself some oats, plain yoghurt topped with dried cranberry, fresh blue berries and sliced bananas. 
Yum yum ...
It has been a long time since I made myself this kind of a breakfast. I just got this urge to eat healthy while I was doing my grocery shopping. So I went round gathering the ingredients. Usually this urges are the opposite kind - junk food, snacks.

Maybe I just want a change. What ever it is I am feeling inspired to eat healthy. :)  
Do you have this kind of urges ?