02 September, 2014

An Annual Ritual ....

Here are the medals we collected yesterday. 

 21km Finisher medal

5 km Finisher medal.

The family medals from the run last Sunday.  Although we only participated in the 5km fun run, H went for the 21km.
This would be our third participation during the Safra Bay Run. 
Although our group has grown smaller with some of my friends dropping out. It has been a good bonding time for us with the boys. Looking forward to next year.....
Last but not least  -

Well done to all of us !!! 

01 September, 2014

Post Run Brunch

Yesterday after our run we had our brunch at Chye Seng Huat Hardware again. Ya. I just like the  atmosphere here and brought my friend and family along too. 
#1 came on his own after us. I had text him the directions and he made it here with out any trouble at all. Although he was unsure when he saw the building. His comment was this Is a cool place to hang out. 

Yummy yummy ham cheese and toast. After my first visit I am now wiser, knowing that their portions are large I share this with my friend. Where as the boys had the Ah Huat breakfast which H tried the last visit. 
Paper napkins 
Orange olive cake. 
Hot chocolate for the boys. I had my coffee as usual. Although the serving of food was big it is opposite for the coffee. H said a cup of their serving was barely enough to kick start his caffeine load.  In the end we each had two servings. 
Stairway to the gents...
For those who want to know more .. Lol

31 August, 2014

Saturday PhotoHunt - Youth

This weekend's theme coincide with the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2014. It was held this morning. The race was opened to the public but clearly it was dominated by Youths from the Singapore Arm Forces. 
Among all the races I have participated this is the most crowded and there is always some bottle neck here and there. Wish they could just close the whole road instead of only one side of the road. It is especially crowded and near impossible to run when the 10km and the 5km runners meet up. 

My boys and I participated in the run although we only ran the 5km while H did his usual 21km. #1 ran with his camp mates and he was teasing me as he shot past his mother plodding away in my turtle speed. 

We were flag off from the Esplanade Bridge and finished the race at the Padang. I had planed to shoot some pictures but I was too tired and hot to remember. My aim then was to finish the race and get to the water station at the end of it. Lol
All in all it had been a good run. 

30 August, 2014

Here'sTo Friendship..

This is a over due post. It has been such a hectic week that I can't seems to find the time to post. And way here it is :- 
Met up with old friends on Monday evening. It was - eat and eat and yak and yak. Catching up and just spewing nonsensical stuff.. Well the later most likely came more from me than anyone one else. 

We have been friends for 25 years.
Yes, it has been that long. Longer than we have stayed in our country. Spent our youth here.  Some of us have lay down roots or migrated else where. 
We stayed in touch via Facebook. Thank goodness for that. I am notorious for forgetting a face and not keeping in touch with my friends. So with Facebook we manage to keep in touch. Even so I use that app more for games. I seldom Kay poh. Infact my priority are the games. Don't really seei much of the others posting unless I go searching. Lol... 
But yea. This app has kept me in the social loop of  present, long lost friends and new found ones. 
As with most friendship there are some which I am close, not so close and has the previlage to see all my pictures and nonsense in Facebook. 
There are those better not to be too close kind even though we are friends or has known each other for some time.  Well, we all have those kinds. 
Then there are those I barely knows. Only by name or we met via Facebook. With Facebook you get lots of those. In a way it expands my cyber social circle. 

Some says time and distance becomes a factor in any relationship.  In a way it had. Before Facebook I have lost touch and can't even recall most of my school mates. Now, I get news of their activities everyday wether I want it or not. 

So... Here's to friendship ... May it last for ever. Muaks !!! 

29 August, 2014

A Great Find

Soooo.... We woke up early or rather I was the one who woke up early. Finished my morning ablutions. Slap on my war paint,  dressed, woked H up, played some games and we were out of the door.  Made our way to the city, reached there at 6.45am, joined the queue and I was the 6th in the queue. Hanged around or rather sat on the ground blogging..  Lol. 
Time past real fast while you are blogging away. Thinking of what to say, how to gather my thoughts into eligible sentences as best as I could.  Next thing I know we were marching to the entrance.  We were soon pinged for our turn and told to return later in the afternoon. 

What to do to kill the time in between then and our appointment ? 
I reclalled reading an article about the cafés in this area. They sound interesting but I never got a chance to try them out. With time to kill I started exploring this uncharted area. 
Found the few cafés I read about. Some are closed and we dropped in to this inconspicuous looking cafe. 

If I had not heard about it I would have just walked past it. The entrance is just a plain grey side door of this building. It was previously a hardware store and they have kept the name and exterior of the store. Behind those doors is completely a different world. 
Check this out :-

Soooo.... We killed out time here with a hearty breakfast and a delicious cup of coffee.  

Chye Seng Huat Hardware 
150, Tyrwhitt Road 

28 August, 2014

The High And Low Of Today ...

This last few days I have been so occupied that I can't even find the time to blog. Posted my weekend outing here this mornings while I was sitting down comfortably in the queue. And I still have one more back log to post. I think I will post that later. 
Today H and I were out and about early in the morning. We had some official work to do and ended up having to make another trip tomorrow. Sian....
But what to do... When you need their services one just had to bear with it. 

Since we got kicked out super early from the office we swear to turn up earlier tomorrow. Kiasu... Also have to do it. 

Made our trip back home and detoured for breakfast. Met up with my friend and we watched a movie. Lucy. A very interesting movie  about what if .... 
Since we were not prepared for the freezing temperature of the cinema hall we soon forgot about the cold as we were glued to the screen. 

Once the movir ended I was dying for something hot. Stopped at the first ramen store we came across and ordered three bowls of hot spicy ramen. 

Heaven !!!

Now to get my beauty sleep for tomorrow's appointment. There is no actual appointment made. First come first served kind of service. That is why we need to be there super early. :( 
Although the day started with a dissappoinment the movie and company more than made up for it later. 

Our Turkish Delight ...

Last weekend has been a hectic one. Went for my usual run on Saturday, ran two rounds of  the reservoir that left my knees aching like hell. Rested the whole day after that. The next morning met my friend for breakfast and then it was off to town with H to collect our race pack for this weekend's run. 

Once collection was done we deposited everything with H to bring home while my friend and I went for our lunch date. Our guide form turkey was in town and we had arranged to meet up. 

It was great seeing him again. It was as if he is still our guide. With his 'girls..this way or that way. Superb...  Guess it is so ingrain into him that he can't shake it off. Lol... Sure brigs back the good memories of our time there. 
We had asked him to bring over some of the rose cream that we fell in love with in Istanbul. Plus the phone case I wanted but did not get. 
It was so sweet of him. He got my mom a box of Turkish delights. Some mitts for us too. 

We had our meals upside down again. Tea at TWG, lunch a Japanese restaurant 
and dessert later. We did some shopping with him in between out meals.  Walked around malls. Up and down Orchard Rd just to get his craving for some green tea ice cream from this particular outlet. Real mah fan !!! :)
While he tucked in to his we tried out the ice cream Mooncake. Soon we parted and we girls got to go get our dose of beauty sleep. The next day will be another night out again. 
Will blog about it in my next  post.  

25 August, 2014

23 August, 2014

Saturday PhotoHunt - Engage

Here I am enjoying the early morning view beside the reservoir before  I Engage in my usual weekend and my only form of exercise.

Ran two rounds around the Bedok Reservoir. That is about 8.6km and I'm already panting and .... You get the picture ...
Looks like I need to train harder for the 10km run I signed up for in a few months time.  Being only a weekend runner will not be enough. 
As I was panting around the reservoir, as the morning grew hotter and hotter, I was asking myself why did I ever sign up for the run !!! 
Why?? Why ??? ....
Why Engage myself with this torture ? Week after week... 

Ultimately the answer will be what most runners will tell you, even for this weekender runner - personal gratification. 

Have a lovely Engaging weekend, PhotoHunters.

22 August, 2014

My New Look :)

Had my curls chopped off and hey presto... I suddenly look younger. Lol...
That us what everyone tells me. The weird thing was when I first saw myself in the mirror my first thought was 
OMG !!! I look like Sam Soon !! 
If you watch korean dramas you will know who she is. I am not saying I look exactly like her. It was just a fleeing thought that passes through my head. 
Weird, right ?