28 November, 2014

Late Night Ramblings

Lately my post have been mainly on beauty and shopping. I guess they play a huge part in my life right this moment. As I age I notice that I tend to gravitate towards products that are anti aging, moisturizing, firming and let's not forget my anti acne treatment. I can't believe that at this age I still have those acnes. Hormonal or whatever it likes to turn up uninvited. Grrrrrr.......
That leads to makeup. Started with my need to cover up those uninvited guest of mine. From there to a nearly full face of makeup. I still can't do a eye makeup that I feel confident enough to walk out of the door with other than the mascara. 

With aging comes with everything moving southwards. Hence the firming and moisturizing ....blah blah blah... 
Wish I had taken care of my skin eons ago but like they say. It is never too late. Sooo ...now I religiously apply all those creams and potions and whatnots. 
Now, you see why my posts have been dominated by beauty products lately. 

On a different note I met a friend today. Even though we stay in the same estate we seldom bump into each other. Go figure ... We met outside the supermarket  as we both finished our grocery shopping   Glad to see her on her feet again. The last time I saw her she was with crutches. We chatted for a while, catching up with each other. We parted with plans to meet up soon. 

So, that's it. That's my post which I did not want to talk about beauty stuff and I did. Met an old friend,  came home played some games and decided to blog about it. It is way past my bed time and I am going to turn in now. 

Nite .... 

27 November, 2014

My Favorites Right Now

A candle. I love the scent of lavender in most things. Purchased this from the spa resort I just came back from. The therapist used it to massage us with. Now I know where that hot aromatherapy oil came from. It has a very light subtle scent.

Got this crazy craving for this local dessert. Been swallowing this herbal jelly for a few weeks now. Every time I pass by the store I will pop in and grab a few tubs of it. Crazy, I know and I am not pregnant. 

Next - some beauty things. 

What is that, you may be asking ?? It is a thingy you used to place on your hair to hold it in place when you put on your make up or wash your face. You know those pesky stray hairs that seems to always escape and irritate the hell out of me whenever I put on my make up.  Does not help especially if I on the fan blasting at me. So with this it does help to hold those flyaway hair in place. On top of that I uses a hair band and tie up my hair too. 

I know. I look kind of silly. Ok, it is down right silly looking but as long as it does what it is suppose to do who cares, right ? Sooo... Got the idea what it is used for ? I bought them from Sasa for less than five dollars. 

Next on the line is this mask from Glam Glow Youth Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. I find it so freaking amazing. It does what it says. It tingles. It exfoliate and it is a mask. I only apply a thin layer of it on my face. It feels rough like there is some beads or whatever in it. I guess that is the exfoliating thingy there. When I look in the mirror there are some black bits on my face. The tingly sensation comes next and as it dries it turns white.
Kind of like harden/tighten all over my face with a white-ish and greyish face. 
Wash it with water in a circular motion to exfoliate in 10 mins as the instructions on the box indicates. My skin was slightly red  due to the exfoliating part as I wash but ...Oh my....it feels wonderful. Like there is a glow

 Here is what it looks like.
It is made of :- Volcanic rock - I guess that is the black bits I found dotted over my face and the thing that is going to exfoliate.  
French sea clay - I have  never been to France sea coast so nooo idea but it sure looks like clay. All gray, thick and paste like -  like how I would imagine clay would look like. Am I making sense here ? 
Last ingredient active green tea leave. Active?? How can it be active when it comes in a jar ???? Skeptical about that but it must be the thingy that causes the tingling sensation. 

Anyway that is one weird combination but some how I like the smell of it. The most important of all it works. My face was super smooth and radiant looking. My pores look smaller. Glowing...
Super, super love this mask. 
I am going to save up a bit more and get my hands on their other mask too. 

Shopping From Sephora and Bath&Body Works

After our lunch at Fine Palate we walked over to Marina Bay Sands because we wanted to popped into Bath and Body Works.

Walking into the store was heavenly. My dream place. The fragrants, the candles, the soaps, scrubs, body lotions and creams... Arrrghhhh..... Lovely !!!
We walked around the store trying out nearly everything and the SAs were so nice too. Makes the whole experience there perfect. 

Picked up some from the Japanese Cherry Blossoms range and one from Orchard. Wish you could just smell them.... I got a tub of hand scrub from their True Blue Spa range too. 

From there we went over to Sephora and accidentally joined a make up session by a Parisian expert. He is a makeup artist from Guerlain and it was a session for those who signed up for it. We obviously did not but they allowed us to stay and watched and asked questions. I think among that group we were the oldest and has the least make up on. Lol
Picked up some tips and was Wow by their products. After he finished his demo on the model he offered to add some colour to my friend and definition to my face. He did that by just a few feathery strokes of a eye brow pencil. The way he did it was just awesome. Wish I could replicate it which I doubt I would be able to. Again we had a great experience at this store. With a great SA's help from Guerlain we walked out with some purchases after we tried them out. This is what we got. Btw I burnt a huge hole in my wallet with these purchases and will be crying over it later.  And after that most likely use them to cover my crying face. Lol.... 

We fell in love with their products. They feel and look so luxurious. Especially the Meteorites which is a limited editon. The box that comes with it is just so beautiful decadent, opulent .... 

This gold nail varnish was a free gift. 

My friend bought the same things as me but she got the gold flakes top coat instead. We tried them out on our pinky and we both love the colour. I can't wait to try them all out later today. 

Now ...to cry... Hahaha.... 

26 November, 2014

Staionery Haul

Today I happened to pop into Urban Write and went gaga over all those super cute stationery items. It has been ages since I bought any stationery related items for myself. It really has been a long time. Usually they are for the boys and lately they buy their own things. With them there is no cute cute things. So, today's haul was a real pleasure. 
As you can see I am crazy over cats motifs. Magnet bookmarks with cute cats peeking out at you once you stick them among the pages. A mini cat  table calendar. Well, since I set up my own corner it is lacking of a calander and this is just right.
Pink sticky note pad, with a black cat. 
Another bigger sticky note pad , a small note pad with my initials and finally a pink  pen.
All girly, girtly stuffs. :) 
I am now a happy cat.... Lol...

25 November, 2014

A Lovely Pressie

I received a lovely pressie from the post. It was from my friend from UK. We started out as pen pals during our teens. Exchanging letters and presents until now. Although letters have been few and nearly none all due to Facebook but we still exchange gifts. Although FB have made catching up with each other easier. You receive news faster instead of a few weeks old ones.

Here is what I receive - A lovely local table runner from her area.

Thank you so much for the lovely present. I hope you will like yours too. :)

24 November, 2014

Spa-cation In Batam

We had a lovely lovely weekend. Started out with a ferry ride from Habour Front to Sekupang in Batam. The 45 mins ride was smooth. Cleared the necessary checkpoints, met up with the representative from our resort and off we go. It was a short ride form Sekupang terminal to the resort.

Once we reached we were greeted and ushered to the reception. Here we were briefed on their spa's and dining menu. Plus arrangement for our meals, spa, and even our return trip back. 

Once that was settled we were brought to our room - the Japanese Room. It was quite a large room which can accomadate the three of us easily. There was a double bed and a single bed which was tucked in a corner. 

A tub in the sitting area for those who want to enjoy watching the huge selection of movies available while soaking in a jacuzzi. Not that we did. 

The three of us shared the Nasi Goreng and Spring Rolls. A light lunch before our massage session starts. 

We had a marvelous time during the spa session. Wish we had signed on for a longer session. Which we did for the next day before we check out. All in all I was so relaxed that weekend. 
We did not leave the resort at all. Just spent our time soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying the  spa treatments. 
Yes, we will return again. The best spa experience I ever had. 

23 November, 2014

My Random Morning And Lunch Shots

Morning, everyone. Here are some random shots after my run this morning at the Pasir Ris Park.

I think I was overzealous with my cooking today. Four dishes for a Sunday afternoon. 

With a good run this morning and now lunch... It is time for me to nap..Zzzzz...

Cafe Exploration @ Fine Palate


Met H in town yesterday morning. He had actually asked me to go with him but I was just too lazy to move from my comfy bed. Well I did get out of bed, changed my mind and met him in town. Sent him a text about my change of plans, wash, slap on my war paint and I was out of the door. We met up at Raffles City which is all decked up with its Christmas deco. It sure makes me feel Christmasy. 

From there we walked over to Waterloo Street, located the cafe I wanted to try out but didnot manage to the last time. The reason being it was closed on a Sunday. 

Coffee was really good and so was their all day breakfast. We also tried the Pull Pork Sandwich and the hazelnut _ _ fish. 
Yum yum.... Thumbs up from all of us. 

The cafe is easy to find with the number of its building boldly put out. Can't miss the it. 

Fine Palate 
51, Waterloo Street

19 November, 2014

My Longchamp Bags

Everyone seems to be carrying a Longchamp bag here. It is such a common bag. Walk out of my house and I will see at least every other person carrying one of those nylon bags  It is a bit pricy for just a nylon bag - and I have two of it, Well, I actually have three of it in three different sizes but I gave the smallest one to my Sis. What I have now with me is the large and medium size.

There they are. My Longchamp LePliage.
The one on the left was my first branded bag. I got a friend whose sis flies to London and that is where it was from. I love this bag. Mine is in the medium size with long handles.  You can say I use it the most too. Even though I have other bags but I seems to always grab for it. It is big, can easily put in a lap top although I do not carry mine in it. I can put tons of things in there. A small make up bag,  a bag organizer,  a big wallet and there is still space for other things. Another plus point is the easy maintenance of the bag. Yeah !! This bag is more or less my work horse. At times I place my shopping in there if it is a smaller item and I do not feel like carrying a plastic shopping bag. Although I have tried not to load too much caused it will get so bloody heavy at the end of the day. Ya the bag is so worth the price I paid for.

The orange coloured bag was a mistake. Way back when I saw that the bag was so popular I asked another friend to get t for me if her husband goes to Paris. That time I do not know the actual sizes of the bag. I did not check their website or read any reviews on those bags. I know what I wanted by observing the others carrying it. I just presumed the one I wanted was large. Sooo... I told my friend I wanted the large.  
That was mistake number one. 
Mistake number two was I did not inform this friend I already have one. These are two different sets of friends I got here. 
Anyway friend no.2 past her shopping list to her hubs and he came back with this huge orange coloured bag. What to do ...I took and paid for the bag since it was my mistake for not informing her. 

It is a huge bag . It is so much bigger than the one I already had. Plus it is a short handle. There is no way I can use it as a day to day bag. So, I put it away waiting for the day I can use it as a carry on bag. One thing about these bags are that they can be neatly folded up and stowed away. It does not take up much space. You can place it in your luggage and bring it out if you have extra shopping from your holiday and your luggage is already cramped full with things to bring back. Or as an extra purse.

The day came to put the big orange bag to use when I went on a overnight spa retreat with my girlfriends recently. Clothes, make up, toiletries and some shopping were in the bag. 

Lip Gloss Craze

I am so in love with lip glosses. If you can't tell. Lol...
Seriously I am crazy over them. I used to be a lipstick person. Lip glosses - I don't even glance at them. I tried it before and I don't like the sticky shinny feeling on my lips. Now it is absolutely  a must have in my make up routine. They must have done something right caused the texture is so different from before. Yeah !! 
You can use it over your lipsticks or just on its own  That is what I usually will do, especially if I am in a hurry. Just swipe the gloss over my lips to add some colour before I rush out I the door.