19 April, 2014

Saturday Photo Hunt - Indigo

Hello Photo Hunters, I am now touring Turkey and I have scheduled several postings for the next few weeks theme.

This week's theme is a difficult one. Indigo is one of the seven colours of the rainbow. I have never manage to capture a picture of a rainbow before. I have seen it many times though. Usually in a car or I do not have a camera with me when one appears. So no pictures there. Therefore I can only think of these....

Stacks of indigo coloured jeans for sale along the five foot way outside the shops in Little India. They are cheap too. $10 for one, $18 for 2.

H commented that he would get this for my birthday as he knows I have been eyeing a pair of Levis. Not funnnyyy...
Talking about jeans - I have managed to jump into a pair of jeans without much effort recently.
Yeah !!! All thanks to my running buddy, N who drags me out of bed every weekend.
The only struggle I have was releasing my purse....
Looks like that pair of jeans will be as elusive as the rainbow's indigo....

Happy indigo hunting, my fellow Photo Hunters

12 April, 2014

Saturday Photo Hunt - Ginormous

When I first saw this word Ginormous, I was like...What ???? I have never heard or came across it before but with the help of my trusty search engine - Google, I learnt a new word. It means extremely large.

Well, this sure fits the bill. Ginormous toes of a sculpture taken in Preah Khan, Siem Reap, Cambodia during my tour of Angkor. This is just one of the ginormous structures in Angkor. 

It does not only apply to their structures or sculptures.The trees that had taken over the once lost city was ginormous too. This is just one of the examples of one ginormous tree root in Ta Phrom. The have left Ta Phrom as much as they first found it. With roots still clinging to those ancient structures.

Have a Ginormous Photo hunting weekend. :)

05 April, 2014

Saturday Photo Hunt - Family

This is our Family,
 tossing the 'Yee Sang' 
during the Chinese New Year festive period.

Yee Sang aka Loh Hei in Cantonese is a salad topped with raw fish. The latter is optional. 
Each ingredient has a special auspicious meaning.
We would gather around the table, chopsticks ready to toss the salad accompanied by auspicious phrases. It is believe that the higher the toss the better it is for the diner.

A family tradition of ours as far back as I can remember.

Have a lovely weekend with your family, Photo Hunters. :)

29 March, 2014

Saturday Photo Hunt - Bird

To all those who commented on my last post I am sorry I am not able to visit or reply. I am now busy with my preparation for a holiday in a few weeks time. Lots to do and pack. Not to mention take care of those that stay behind while I enjoy myself. Most of my post here are on a schedule. Hope you all will still drop by. I will go knocking on your doors when ever I find some free time.

For this week's theme I got this is one yummylicious Bird I  have ever tasted. Drumstick of a roasted goose. Siew ngo pei.

I have never tried this before although I have heard about it lots of times. Especially so from the Hong Kong dramas I used to watch from young..
When I went to Hong Kong recently I hunted down this Bird.  Tried it for the first time in my life and I love it . That will be a good reason for me to revisit that island just to indulge in it again . :)

Happy Bird Photo Hunting...

26 March, 2014

Holiday Homework .....

Three weeks to my holiday in Turkey. Doing some home work - as a back seat tour guide. Lol ! 
Really am excited. Bags are out. Threw in some clothes. Most likely will have to remove some to make way for my shopping and souvenirs picked up during the trip.  
Yeah I am excited !!! 

21 March, 2014

Saturday Photo Hunt - Focus

Focus on your target, aim and fire.
That was what we were told during our visit to the war ships berth along the wharf during the Navy's Open House. I can't remember what it was known as though.
Not a particularly interesting or surprising object but it can be so deadly.

20 March, 2014

Spicy Soup

Trying out a new soup - Bhutanese spicy chicken stew. Yumm yumm... Filled with veges , some rice. Not the thick kind of soup like the previous one. More watery and less filling. I like !!!!  Especially so when it is spicy and only 221 calories !!! 

17 March, 2014

Welcoming Spring

Here I go again ... Told myself not to go near this store... I did and it only lasted for a few days. My will power cave in and I got myself their latest spring collection. Butterflies, dasies,  my initials and a bicycle charm to remind me of my carefree days. 

15 March, 2014

Saturday Photo Hunt - Deluxe

During our tour of Rajasthan we stayed in many hotels. A mixtures of the modern and heritage hotels. Today I will be posting the deluxe room we stayed in in a palace. We checked into the Laxmi Niwas Palace after touring Bikaner, Rajasthan. This was the room we were allotted to.

The deluxe room was so large that even with all those furniture and wardrobe there were still lots of space to move around. In fact it looks kind of empty.

10 March, 2014

Impromptu Foodathon

Yesterday was a good day. It was more than good. It was great, awesome and as my Father would say- shiokalingam !!!   I was in food heaven. My friends and I met up and we went on a food trail. We met up in the east - ate. Took the train south west and ate.... Yes !!! My kind of foodathon. 
Paris Baguette for brunch with my friends. 

Down south to some boutique caf├ęs. 
Our second cafe of the day. Dropped in to have some drinks. Love the deco here

Next to the market for some good old hawker food. Chee kueh from a arrogant hawker who sells the best Chee Kueh in town.  Some fried fish balls too from another stall. 

Went in this cafe and did  not stayed long. Long enough to read the description of the buns.  Sounds interesting but we were looking for some real desserts. 

 Even though I said we were on a look out for some desserts we ended up sharing some porridge at this store.  H swears that it is the best porridge in town   I beg to differ. I still personally prefer the one I had last Friday evening.  To each its own ....

Now for some real desserts. Desserts are not desserts if they are not sinful. Well, that is my opinion. Some of you out there might disagree with me. I don't care. Or are bothered. I have a sweet tooth. I like my desserts sweet, sinful enough to make me indulge in it with a knowledge how much calories it has. Knowing so - I heck care and indulge in it ! 
Yeah !!! That is my kind of desserts and I found it at this store. Bliss......

Last stop-  One of my friends wanted some paus so we made our way here. Purchase some to add on to the calories. Why bother about it when it had already bounced out of my normal intake of calories for the day. Yeah... 
Bring it on ......

Now at this hour of the night/ morning - while typing this on my mobile I think it would be a good ideas if I drag myself out of bed and hit the roads. 
Payback time .....