02 August, 2014

Saturday Photo Hunt - Cloudy

My entree for this week's Cloudy theme -
Pronounced as ra ker
The national alcoholic drink of Turkey.
It is a clear solution 
but once water is added
it turns cloudy.
It is usually consumed with seafood or
cold appetizers.
During my tour of Turkey 
I have seen it being served with 
cheese and honeydew too.
I quite like it with
green plums.
 The tartness of the plums 
seems to go well with it

Cheers !

Serefe !

30 July, 2014

The Going Ons In My Kitchen

I have been busy.... Busy, busy in my little kitchen whipping up delish meals and pops. 
Hahahaa... Self praising myself. :)
It is not as if I have not prepared any meals previously. It is just that I have always cooked real easy repeated meals from tried and tested recipes. 
Plus I have not blog about my kitchen for a long time now. Just restarted after I got inflicted by a popsicle mania. Lol....
And laying my hands on a 365 days dish cook book inspired me to try new recipes and blog about it too. 
The following are some of the new recipes I had tried out. 

Fanta Float pops. Made one in RootBeer which turn out good. So I experimented with another kind of fizzy drink. 

Stir fried chicken 

Stired fried fish with black pepper sauce.

Steamed tofu with hot bean sauce. These dishes are from the new cookbook. 
Blueberries popsicles. My first batch of blueberries popsicles. Made them previously but did not blog about it. Therefore can't remember which recipe I used. These lot is now sitting in my freezer. Tick tock, tick tock.... Arghhhh... Hurry up time ! 

Last but not least - attempting a new popsicle recipe. Will blog about it next time. 

Good Morning....

H and I went out early this morning. ' Pak tor ' early in the morning liao... Hahaha...

We pak tor right out to the city - finished our business and then we are ready for breakfast. Walked around the Beach Road area and most of the stalls open for business at that hour happens to be prawn noodles. 

Yup, prawn noodles. H fav noodles. So we had that. His with pork ribs- kah liu.  Blanco Court Prawn Noodles. His first time trying it and he likes it. To me it is OK lor. Coz I dun really fancy prawn noodles. 

29 July, 2014


The brain is a funny thing. There are things we can remember so well and then... There are things we can hardly remember. Fragments of memories like an old movie with sudden scenes missing here and there.

Today Mom and I met up with my cousin for lunch. As usual we chat, exchange news and some how we came to the subject of our grandfather, Mom's father. 

Mom can't recall how he got sick and why he left us to stay in KL with my other Uncle.  Neither could my cousin and I. 

Weird right ? Especially since she was his primary caregiver for so long. 

28 July, 2014

Break Fast Or Feast ?

After our run this morning, we walked to the food court and piled back on what ever we had worked off. Lol.....
Here is what we had - sinful stuffs. 

We all decided to have porridge. The wait was about 20-30 mins. Fine with us. Places our orders and we went scouting the other stalls in the food court. 
Fish cakes of various kinds to choose from. Which we did to snack on while waiting for the porridge. 
I got this urge to have one of these. Peanut pancakes. Tai kau meen....been a long time since I had one. I think the last time was in Ipoh. Sad to say this didnot even come close to the worst pancake in Ipoh. If this fella open a store in Ipoh he will ' chup lup ' !!!  Mom said he need to go to Ipoh to 'hok see ' - apprentice with a sifu in Ipoh. 
After our walkabout we went back to the table to enjoy our purchases. Soon the porridge arrived. Yummy !!! 

As usual we walked two streets away to our fav caffeine joint. In air-conditioning !!! My buddy bought some yau zhar kwai to go with it. 

And that completes our breakfast. 

Bedok Reservoir

Just some shots that I took while I was lagging behind my buddies. 

Resting after one round of the reservoir. Sweating and panting and blogging beside the reservoir. 

Have a good day everyone !! 

27 July, 2014

Durian Feast

H brought home some durians. They are so yummy. My durian buddy, #1 and I attacked them with gusto. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Groannnn..... I am so carbo and sugar loaded ++++ that I am now lazing about and trying not to doze off. ������
Maybe I can dream of a way to make ice pops with those left over durians. Hahaha... Much to the horror of my boys. 

Testing Time ....

Which one do you prefer ??
Both are made with strawberries. 
The one with the green cap is pure purée fruit with dollops of vanilla ice cream. 
The other one has been mixed with vanilla yoghurt. 
#3 swears that the latter taste like Fruit Plus. Fruit Plus is a chewy candy that he loves. 
#2 and the rest of us prefer the first but alas there are only six sticks of those. 
Now I know which one to repeat again. :) 

Love my guinea pigs to bits !!!! 

Who ? Who ?????

Who woke me up this morning ???
Some more woke up to dark gray skies.  What????? I am awake at 7 am !!!!! 
Who woke me up ? 
This is a perfect weather to curl up in bed and not see the world until I have to. 
Everyone knows that other than a selfie queen, I am also a sleeping one. Weekends I'll sleep until the sun shines bright and hot and I might not even crawl out of bed even so. 
So, who woke me up ah ???
At least I am not going for my run this morning. Hate to have miss it. Although I complain tons of times but I do look forward to it most of the time. My only form of exercise. 
But since I am awake took the opportunity to rant it here.... Hahahaa...

P.S - I sure like this app on my mobile.  I can crap all I want without fighting over the main PC with my boys. Any time. Any where.  

26 July, 2014

My Weekend

Yesterday I was out of the house the most of the day. Morning run with my buddies at our usual park beside the beach. The rising sun was so round and stunning looking. Alas I was not able to capture it on mobile. I was busy with this cute cat sitting near the beach. It is not every day or time a stray cat will sit so still and allowed to be photographed. 

My usual 5km run consists of lots of sweating, a running and dripping nose in the rising temperate of the early morning was good. Might be because I was all strapped up with knee guards on both legs. 

After breakfast went home and got lunch ready, bathed. dressed and I am out again galavanting with my friend. The knee guards really help. My knees do not ache as much as before.  Although I had them on the whole time I was out. 

To Chinatown we went to find out more about our next holiday. This time to Finland.  At this moment nothing decided yet as we need to gather more heads for the tour. As usual our next stop after all the enquiries has been done was at the   dessert store. 

Next, for dinner. Yes, I always have the order of my meals mixed up. A seafood tofu spicy soup from a Korean restaurant.  Yummmmmmyyyyyy.... I can see myself coming here again !!! Just to get my ajuma fix. Lol... 

As usual after a meal like that it is time for coffee. Actually we wanted to get our caffeine fixed early but we got detoured by dinner.