27 May, 2015

Cafe Exploration @ Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe

Yes. That was what I have been indulging in lately. Desserts and more desserts all in a matter of days and  from the same place too. 
It all started the other day my friend brought us to this cafe that serves the most yummylicious Black Forest Cake I have ever tasted. This cafe - Stuttgart Black Forest Boutique S-Cafe - is located along Middle Road. It's a spacious German restaurant. We were only there for desserts and drinks. We ordered two slices of their signature Black Forest Cake. 

My second visit was with my cousin. We dropped in after we had lunch some where else. Again we only had cakes and drinks. Although this time we tried some German beer and ordered the Black Forest Cake, a Lava Cake and a Cheesecake. The Black Forest Cake is as good as before and so is the Lava Cake. We find the Cheese Cake dry. Maybe this is how the German like their Cheese Cake. I guess I am more used to the moist ones. 

I will definitely come back again. Love the deco and ambience here. Of course the cakes too. 

Stuttgart Black Forest Boutique S-Cafe 
GSM Building 
141 Middle Road 

Hong Kong Day 2/2

After our excursion to the giant Buddha and shopping at Lantau island, we made our way back to Kowloon. Dropped our purchases at the hotel and had dinner at the same store we had lunch yesterday. 
Sun Kee behind our hotel. One of my friend wanted to try the beef brisket since said it was very good.

 Ngau lam meen
 Yau char kwai
 Chicken porridge
 Kap tai chook
Once dinner was done I sent my both friends back to their room coz they look real tired. H and I explored Nathan Rd. Walked right up to Jordan.

 Along the way we chance upon a dessert store.Of course I must try it out....
Not the typical dessert store it only has eggs or milk products, mainly steamed. I went for my fav.. steamed eggs custard

 Steam egg custard

 Continued our exploration of the area. Tried to look for the night market but just can't seem to... Asked a stranger and this young chap was so kind. My image of  Hong Kongers went up a few  more notches. He used his mobile to search for it since he was not from the area. He even brought us there.
I promise myself that I need to get a mobile data plan when I next travel.

So ended up at Temple Street night market. Strolled along the stalls. Nothing caught my eye. Very much like the pasar malam here except there were more stalls and people around. 

Came across these stalls. Any idea what are they ??
Fortune telling stalls. They line the whole road next to the temple. 

There were even queues for some of the stalls. Must be a popular fortune teller spot. 

Cafe Exploration @ Fine Palate


Met H in town yesterday morning. He had actually asked me to go with him but I was just too lazy to move from my comfy bed. Well I did get out of bed, changed my mind and met him in town. Sent him a text about my change of plans, wash, slap on my war paint and I was out of the door. We met up at Raffles City which is all decked up with its Christmas deco. It sure makes me feel Christmasy.

From there we walked over to Waterloo Street, located the cafe I wanted to try out but didnot manage to the last time. The reason being it was closed on a Sunday. 

Coffee was really good and so was their all day breakfast. We also tried the Pull Pork Sandwich and the hazelnut _ _ fish. 
Yum yum.... Thumbs up from all of us. 

The cafe is easy to find with the number of its building boldly put out. Can't miss the it. 

Fine Palate 
51, Waterloo Street

Question Of The Day

I saw this on my kitchen counter last night and I was like... 
What ??? 
The heck is that ??? 
Picked it up to examine, scrutinize it further. Too bad the one who most likely brought it back was asleep. So I am left with my questions unanswered. It reminds me of some Thai medication that my mom used to give us when we were young. 

More questions ???? 
Your questions are as good as mine. I can only read the English part. From what I read and my understanding of it - this is an anti cough pill by Takabb. It is suppose to be against cough, refreshing and dissolve phlegm. 
Take 2-4 pills and slowly let it dissolve in your mouth when necessary. 
It is suitable for adults and children.  

Hmmm... Sounds too good to be true. 
Personally I will not touch it. Touch as will not take it orally. 
Reason being :-
No ingredients listed. Unless the pictures of those creepy crawlers around the front  of the packet are the indications to its ingredients. If so...Ewww....

So I with nothing better to do when I should be sleeping checked out their website. Yes, there is one listed there. If you look closely it is indicated at the bottom front of the packet. Together with some fax, telephone numbers and I take it their address too. 

So I kaypoh their website briefly and they actually has other medications listed there too. Checked the anti cough thingy and they have a list of its ingredients. 

Contains : 
Rhus Semialata Murr. 80%, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Linn. 2%, Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn. 2%, Prunus Armeniaca L. 3%, Ophiopogon Japonicus 2%, and other herbal medicine totaled 100%

Your guess is as good as mine ....
I did not open the packet up as I had mentioned the owner of it is asleep. From what I can feel without opening it it consists of small round/squarish pills.
Maybe later in the morning when I have woke up I might just go google those ingredients out. Maybe. Just maybe....

Before anyone of you get offended and think I am such a snob. Not believing or looking down on traditional medication. I have taken my fair share of it when I was young and live to tell the tales, so to speak. Now I am older and wiser ( don't really know about the second part ) I prefer to have my medication with its ingredients listed out clearly before I consume them. Maybe it is just the old nurse in me. 
Sooo...will you take this ? Before or after checking out the ingredients listed out in their website ? If anyone reads Thai or has taken this before please leave a comment  for I am real curious about it.
Now I am going to bed. Which was what I was suppose to do until I spied this in my kitchen.  Hopefully I will be enlighten when I wake up later in the morning by some kind soul regarding this medication. 

24 May, 2015

Saint Joseph's Church

I had the chance of popping into this lovely church situated along Victoria Street yesterday. I had past by it many times before but never got the chance to enter it. Yesterday, after mass my friend and I popped in for a look see. It is such a lovely old church. You know how you feel when you step in to a church. A sense of calm sets over me. Took some shots while I was there.

Wanted to take more shots but I doubt it will be appropriate to snap away at the altar table.  I have not step in to a church for a long time. It reminds me of the church opposite our school although this is much bigger. Somehow I still prefer this old school kind of church to the modern ones. That is only my opinion. 

23 May, 2015

Quest For Sunglasses


Are you one of those who can just pick up a random pair of sunglasses and it just rocks for you ? 
If you are, lucky you. I am not that lucky. I am still in search for a perfect pair of sunglasses. I know,  big sunnies are in now. I have tried many but non seems to call out to me.  Well, there are one or two or three that looks like it would work for me but my wallet will be shouting at me to stop looking at it. Ya, it is that expensive. Maybe it is just that I don't need another pair. So subconsciously my brain tells me it is not rocking for me whenever I put one on. I don't know. That is just my thoughts. Random thoughts going through my brain in the wee hours of the morning. When I should be asleep but not. Weird how I get this thoughts or my mind seems to have loads of ideas on what to blog about. Weird. No other word to describe  my ungodly hour of random thoughts. 
So... Tell me is it easy for you to pick a pair of sunglasses that calls out to you ? Pick me !! Pick me !!
So far in my case - none have. :( 
Bye ...

22 May, 2015

Today... Today Is A Day To...

Today is not a day to start a new diet. I am having left overs. A bit of this and a bit of that. All in all quite a lot. :) 
Heat up the left overs to be shared between #1, mom and I. 
It was quite a spread we had. Chee Kueh , fish balls, siew mai, char siew pau and dried mango for dessert.  Of course we did not manage to finish all. 
So, tell me. How am I to diet like this.

Btw how do you like your Chee Kueh. 
Clean like you can control the amount of chili, choy poh and oil. 

The killer ones where it has been marinated with chili. choy poh and oil to the max. Ya, I like to live dangerously. This is the best !!! You get the Ompphh... 
Which way do you like best ? The clean or killer ones ? 
Bye ...

18 May, 2015

A Busy And Carbo Loaded Weekend

Hello... It had been a busy weekend with relatives dropping in and booking our tickets for my next trip to a brief meet up with friends. Needless to say, lots of food and catching up was involved.  Even so I still manage to a squeeze in some shopping in between all that. Well, don't waste the time while waiting for my next meet up, right? 
Here are some of my photo memories of that weekend. A very carbo loaded one - feeling very guilty with all the indulgences but I had a great time catching up with my uncle, aunt and cousins. We sent them off at the airport this morning. Mom got them some pastries from Paris Baguette which they enjoy over a cup of coffee at Starbucks. While we enjoyed the snacks they got for us from Taiping.  What an irony. Lol...
Since we are at the airport we had Assam Laksa which mom like. Yeah, why not since our carbo limit has already over shot our daily needs. A bowl of that, a plate of rojak and some crackers - we will cry over it later.. (>_<)

Does my face seems rounder after two days of non stop Nom.... Nom.... Nom.... Nom... ?
Bye ...