20 December, 2014

Saturday PhotoHunt - Craft

During our tour of  Cappadocia, Turkey we visited a pottery in Avanos. They have a good reputation for making fine ceramics since the Ottoman times. Their ceramics are mainly in the traditional style with some modern designs thrown in.

A master at his Craft.
He turned that lump of clay into a lovely vase in no time.
It was fascinating to watch him mold the clay as he spins the wheel with his feet.

This lady here took us round the work shop and talked us through every process. Sad to say she is like a robot. She rattled of like a tape recording with no emotions or passion for those lovely hand crafted ceramics. I know she most likely had been saying the same old thing for group after group of visitors. At least put on a smile or be more alive because the purpose of the walkabout was you trying to sell your ceramics to us. Nope.. She went on and on expressionless. No wonder I did not walk out of there with any..

The showroom is in a cave and we went from room to room filled with beautiful pieces of hand crafted ceramics. Of course the price tag was very, very beautiful too.

My pictures do no justice to the beauty and fine workmanship of all the ceramics. Although the guide was sucky their wares was beautiful. During our own walk about in the town I came across many ceramic potteries but non of them can hold a candle to those I saw here. Felt a tinge of regret for not purchasing one as a keepsake.

19 December, 2014

6 Days To Christmas...

Is a rainy day. We are all hiding indoors. So I decided to continue the post of my shopping haul from yesterday. Last night after my night out with my friends I was not in the mood to post much. I guess I am getting old. My night out nowadays consists of just meeting my girlfriends and chatting over a meal or drinks. And that already will drain my energy level to nearly zero at the end of the day. On the flip side I don't feel tired at all if I am shopping. Lol...

Before I start made myself a cup of tea. Hmm... I notice I often if not always reach for tea when I am at home. Especially if I need something to perk me up at the end of a tiring day. My mom will go for coffee but not me. 

Yesterday I posted the small ticket items. So, here are the big ones. I walked to the Dior counter to get my fav skin care - Dream Skin and walked away with more than that. They are mainly the items I have been eyeing. 

A lipstick Rouge Dior in 775; Hyde Park. It is a a red lipstick with a pink base ? Oh well that is how I describe it. I guess the others or Google would do a better job. 

Here is a swatch of the lipstick. It is a gorgeous colour isn't it ? What do you think ?
Just right for the coming festive seasons. I swiped some on my lips and I feel all Christmasy already. :)

Picked up a foundation as the one I have now is going to hit bottom soon. My first time trying it. The SA  recommended  Colour 20; light beige. She tried it on my face. Removed whatever I had on my face and reapplied it back again with Dior  products. So, I was walking around yesterday with a very nice makeup done by an expert. 

One of my fav Dior product - Dream Skin. A tinted moisturizer. Sort of like a primer but not. It makes my skin looks smoother though. It is pricy so I only use it when I don't want to put on a full face of make up. You only apply this after your normal skin care routine but before 
the sunblock.  

It gives my nails a more healthy glow. Since I have been coloring my nails and leaving it on for days and then coloring it again. Because of all that my nails  are a bit yellowish. So, I am trying this out - in quest for some healthy looking nails. 

I got some candles from Crabtree & Evelyn too. Ya, this year I am obsessed with candles. Totally obsessed with them if you can't tell already. Anyway this is what I bought. 

Their packaging is so luxurious looking. Christmasy too. I can't wait to light it. It has a super nice smell too. Hmm... Am smelling it right now. Got my nose stuck in it. :) 

Talk about clashing of smells ... 
I stopped editing my post and as I walked into Mom's room I saw those array of bottles beside her bed. They are various kinds of medicated oil. Don't asked me what they are or what is in it ? I don't freaking know. They all printed in Chinese or some other foreign language. If you remember Mom injured her knee and she has been applying those oils since then. She is much better now but still experience some pain. 

Then my son came home with some homemade cupcakes. Made by her girlfriend. So, these are my supper and I am enjoying one right now as I am typing this. Not bad ... Nom... Nom... Nom...

So that's it for today. It has been gloomy the whole day.  
Oh, yes, I just noticed that I had hit 1K published post. Yeah !!!! It has taken a long time due to my non consistency in blogging. But ya, it took a long time. Anyway, giving myself a big pat here. 
Keep it up, old girl. 
That aside I am also a lazy bum... I just canceled my weekend run and plan to laze in bed.
See ya...

18 December, 2014

7 Days To Christmas...

Good morning !!

It is a bright and sunny and a hot morning. Obviously I am out and about too. Settled some official business and it was breakfast and coffee. Can't go with out those right ? 

Dumplings and coffee. And to top it off -  you tiao for some good old dunking into the coffee. Nothing like going back to the roots. 
How is your morning ?

H and I went window shopping at the mall and as usual I landed up at Daiso again. I like going on to that store because they have things ( you never know ) you might find what you need there. As usual most of their things are so cute.

Even a floor brush is cute. Sure makes housework less boring. Don't you think so ? Although in my case I don't think it will work. 

I have been shopping for a standing mirror for my vanity table. Can't decide between a lighted one or just a normal with 5X magnifying effect. What do you think ? It must not be too big too.  In the end did not get one as I still can't decide. Typical of me. 

Wander into the book store and made a beeline towards the travel section. Picked up this book - 501 Places To Be... Or something like that. Anyway it features most of the festivals or events that happens around the world.  While flipping through the pages I came across this. Dead Sea Ultra Marathon. It is held in Amman and the finishing point is at the lowest point of the earth. Interesting.... 
It is not that I will sign up for it but it makes good general knowledge. One of my favorite past time - read non relevant things and it kinds of automatically file up in my brain and forgotten. One day if someone mentions something along that subject it will automatically just popped out.  Weird but that is how I function I guess. Ya,  read not relevant books. A big thing with me. Lol...

Since we were out and about we called up the boys to meet us for lunch. Met up at Lenas. H and I shared a meal together. Thursday's set lunch comes with a coffee and lychee ice cream.  

Once we finished our meal we all split up. Some headed home and guess who went shopping? Yes, me... 

Came home with a bag of things. Shopped at Isetan and Daiso. This are the things I got. 

First at Daiso picked up this for my friend.  Wondering what it is ? It is a futton beater. My boys were most curious about it.  When I told them it is to beat something. The first thing they asked were who am I going to beat up ? Lol.. They cannot comprehend why is there such a thing to beat a carpet or futton. 

Next, still at Daiso got ourselfs a Christmas tree ornament. It is made of metal with some plastic balls hanging off it. Looks cute and the first Christmas tree I ever bought. 

Some tapes which are so cute. I tell you.. They have real cute tapes sold at Daiso. 

Dropped into Faceshop for some masks. Ya, some masking time coming ahead.


In the evening, I met up with my girlfriends. We sat and chat until the cafe closed and we still continue our chat until late into the night. Going to miss this once my friend move to another city.

All in all it has been a great day. Will end it here.

17 December, 2014

8 Days To Christmas...

Boring boring boring !!!!

Some updates regarding my in-house  patients - 
1- Mom's right leg is much better now. Feels a bit stiff according to her. Otherwise it is OK. She still goes down to get her newspaper. 
2- Henry is also feeling much better too. No more dripping nose but lots of phlegm.
3- #2 came home from his CCA and I had to play nurse and remove a splinter on his plam. Easy peasy .... 

Now I am bored. Was not going to blog today but as I sat here with nothing to do... I automatically reached for my phone and here I am..... Blogging my boring day with nothing to do. Well, actually there are things to do like the never ending housework but that is boring too. Seriously who finds housework exciting ? Not me for one. 

Well it started to rain. Heavy showers  in the late afternoon. That is good. Looking forward to some cool nights. 
The wifi is down. Maybe due to the rain. It has been a couple of hours now. So far no sign of life yet from that little black box. Hence no life from the boy in the house. Can't play his games or what'snot   So he is taking a nap now. 

Where else for me I painted my 
nails with the colour Sweet Purple from Silky Girl.  

The only good news was my son after booking in and out today, he do not need to book in again until the next Tuesday.

So that's it for today. 

16 December, 2014

9 Days To Christmas...

...And I got to deal with this angry looking giant of a zit !!!  Just take a look at that !
Yes, take a look....

 I said it before and I will say it again. It is not fair that I am at this age and still have to deal with acne and zits on top of all the lines and sagging. They say it is hormonal.
Why ? Why ??? Arrrrrggggggghhhh.....
Alright ... Now I got that out of the away let's get on with the happenings.. Which was nothing much exciting happening either. 

We went out to get my boys their shoes but it turn out one had to meet his girlfriend. The other decided to get his own. KIV on- line shopping for him. Asked why he did not do it earlier until I mentioned it. ' Did not notice ' was his answer.
Uh ? Did not notice it or  not bothered ?
Give up !
So left with #3 who had to get a pair of school shoes. In the end we only went shopping for him, shoes and other necessities.

Came across those cute cushions. Would make a great Christmas gift but I am looking for small gifts. Which makes carrying them around easier. So the Christmas shopping continues. I think I really need to take a day and do it alone without the boys around. Having them hanging around me is no fun becasue they kept asking if I am done. :( 

This was tonight's dinner. I got it gutted  and cut opened butterfly style by the fishmonger. Whiz up some ginger, cooked it with some oyster sauce, sesame oil, salt and sugar. Pour it over the cooked steamed fish and serve hot. 
I forgot to snap a picture of the dish. Silly me .... 

Once dinner was over #1 got a text asking him to report back to camp when he is on leave this week. WTH !!! 
He is on leave and he got to go back to camp. Book in tomorrow and come back the same day. This will be the last day of his leave. Then on Thursday book in again and back out on Friday for his weekend. What kind of treatment is this ! 
WTH !! #%@# !! Is it because he is a newbie NS. Apparently there is a training and he needs to be there. 
I think there is a cork up in that camp or admin side. H told him to shoot in a complain but he does not want to. At times like this I totally agree with H that he should lodge a complain about this but he refuse to.  I think he is silly not to. 

With that aside - Hmmmm... I feel like this post is full of my ranting.  What is going on ? Where has my Christmasy mood gone to ? I want it back !!! 

Sorry to leave you all with my rants. Looks like today is not a good day to blog. Hopefully tomorrow would be better   

15 December, 2014

Saturday Photo Hunt - Beauty.

The Beauty I am interested in lately are makeups and anti aging products. Gone were the days that I can be out of the door in a matter of minutes. Now I am still able to do that if I am really pressed for time. Other wise I just take my own sweet time. My boys can't understand the need to put on my makeup or the concern for my appearance. They once asked if I am going to get another boyfriend. I told them it is for myself. Self gratification.  Until now they still do not understand their mother.

After years of being stuck in the Mommy mode it is about time for a change. It was not a sudden change. More like a gradual one. Started with using a brighter coloured lip stick and clothes.  Skirts, blouses, what my boys called 'sexy tops', better fitting jeans slowly replaced the shorts and Bermudas , baggy clothes and jeans. Then came the cosmetics. Ya, it has been gradual and I still don't think I am near perfect. Infact I have come to this age that I know I can never reach perfection. Infact there is no perfection in beauty. Like they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

The real beauty is this group of girls here. We have been friends for twenty six years. We met up last night for a reunion of sorts. Great meet up and looking forward to more years ahead. 

10 Days To Christmas

Today is a day of unwell.. 
H woke up not feeling well and he went to the polyclinic. Poor thing. To fall sick while he is on leave is no fun at all. And here he was planing to go on some excursion with the boys. Guess it has to be shelved until he recovers. 
Next, is my Mom. She injured her knee. Can one sprain ones knee. She told me she was going down the steps and suddenly just sort of twisted her knee. It is slightly swollen and it is painful for her to walk. She is still waking around the house slowly.. Slowly.....
Hope it is nothing serious. She has been rubbing all those medicated oil on it. The whole house smells of it. Will see if it gets any better tomorrow. 

Ten more days to Christmas and I still have not finished with my shopping yet !!! Yikes !!! I better put on some speed. 
I have already received some presents from my friends who are from outside the country. Or those who are leaving the country during this period. 
I need to start shopping for my Christmas gifts. Period I need to start it weeks ago !!

Last night I got this cute little magnetic holder from a friend.  LOL ... It is so me. How well she knows me. Muaks, Muaks... To her. 

As I was going through the pictures I took last night I remembered why I took this shots. To have something to blog, of course. :0 

I took this shot because everyone have their own way of preparing their condiments for chicken rice. Basically there are three sauces. Chili sauce, ginger and black sauce. 
Most Singaporean I know will mixed all three together. Even H does that. 
Some will mixed it without the black sauce. Lastly  there are people like me who prefer all the sauces in their own individual plates.  I find that this is more presentable and easy on the eye. Maybe this just me. I like my food to be presented in a neat and tidy way. Even though I will mess it up once I dunk my chicken in it.  
So which one are you ?  

Next - I came across this while I was paying our meal yesterday. As this is a old school  kind of restaurant only cash is accepted here. It is a tray of coins with individual slots for different denominations. Old school kin of till. 
As you can see it is well used. The lady maning the counter has this right on top of her counter with some other loose change next to it. I can't help comparing this to back home. Where even the robbers dare to enter a restaurant and rob the cashier and customers.  Back home money is always kept out of sight less it attracts unwanted attention. This is one of the reasons why I like it here. Life on this little island might be boring but it is safe.

So... I am waiting for H to come home from the doctor. Not in the mood to do anything much. Will see how the day goes ... Nap sounds lovely...  :) 

Well, I am back - 
Did some ironing after my nap. Well, actually it was a lot of ironing. A huge pile of clothes. Just wade myself out of that pile. And here I am blogging, playing some games.... Same old. 

#1 bought this for me. Magnum Black. It is yummyyy... 

Actually I think I will end it here. Nothing much going on. My two patients are still the same. Although H has developed a fever on top of his running nose and cough. So he is feeling very poorly with himself. Not happy at all that he is sick while he is on leave. Made him a cup of yuzu. Hope it helps. 

That's it. A very boring day. 

14 December, 2014

11 Days to Christmas...

Good morning... Today is going to be a busy day. I woke up and got lunch ready as I need to get ready to go out later....

For lunch I cooked some fried rice. Nothing special. My usual fried rice with rice obviously. Spam, now I just love fried rice with Spam. In fact I love Spam on its own. For a bit of crunch I add in diced French Beans. Finally eggs. Yup, those are my main ingredients for my basic fried rice. 

Once that is done and I had wolf down some. Ya, I was very hungry by then. I started to get ready for my outing. Meeting my friends for a farewell dinner of one of the girls. 
What to I wear ?
What shall I wear ???? 

In the end I chose this outfit as the weather outside was bloody hot. Plus the restaurant we are going to are those old school kind of place. Although they have upgraded their premises it is still going to be hot. 
So. I have on a what my boys called a sexy top from Dorothy Perkins over a pair of Levi jeans. My bag is Longchamps and  flats from Geox. Sunnies from Ray Ban. 

All dolled up, took the train down town. Parked myself at Starbucks while waiting for the rest to turn up. Once everyone was here we walked to the restaurant which was near by.

Since this was a farewell meal for our friend migrating overseas we chose a local kind of restaurant. Zhe Char cuisine.  The food was as good as I remembered it to be. I won't say it is the best Zhee Char but it is reasonable being in the middle of the city and all. 

From there we walked over to Tiong Bahru Bakery for our coffee and dessert. We ordered a log cake which I did not manage to snap a picture of the whole cake.  The management had sliced the cake into eleven slices as I had told them to. 

So the eleven of us sat there and continued where we left off from dinner. Which was ... You guess it right - yak yak yak. Lots of nonsense, catching up, reminising... Just being us as we were twenty six years ago with some wrinkles here and there. LOL

Sooo....That's it for today. Will wrap it up here. 
Bye ...