19 August, 2014

Random Shots From The Weekend

Sketchers' mascot at the run 
Thai beef noodles after the run. 

Sultan Mosque at the Arab Street area.

A robot that brings back memories from by gone years. 
One of the numerous cats that rule Changi Village. 
Our dinner at Changi Village. 
My fav watering hole ..

Cheers !!!! 

17 August, 2014

Good 5km Run ..But....

Went for the Shape Run this morning. I ran solo for the 5km. My buddy went for the 10 km. So all of us did  our own run.  All in all it was a good run with a new route for the 5km. Although there were lots of bottle necks when approaching the corners and bridges. 

The only real grief was the water station after the run was located far away. 
Together with the finisher T-Shirt and medal. They had a few queues. Individual queues for the different sizes of the finisher T-Shirt. 
When we finished the race a long queue has already formed. One will not know what we were queuing for until we reach the front. 
They should have the signs up at the beginning, as soon as we finish the race. So we know what and where to queue. 

Why can't they hand out bottles of water instead of pouring into cups for us. Aiyoh!!! 

The finisher T-Shirt we collected after the race was nice. Worth queuing for it though. 

15 August, 2014

Saturday Photo Hunt - Curse

Was going to give this a skip until I was looking through my albums from this recent holiday and I suddenly remembered the story our guide told us.
So, here is my take with shots of Medusa's head for this week's Curse theme.

I am sure most of you will know who Medusa was. For those who are not familiar with this lady - she was once a very beautiful lady who was seduced by the sea god Poseidon in the temple of Athena. Athena in turned who was jealous turned Medusa into a monster and her crown of glory became serpents. Medusa was Cursed to turned anyone who looked at her into stone. A very terrible Curse indeed. She was later beheaded by Perseus who was sent by Athena. Athena must be a real vengeful goddess.
This was the tale our guide told us during our tour in Istanbul.

Now we come to those heads I posted here. They can be found at the Yerebatan Sarnici Basilica Cistern
This cistern is a huge water tank built by the Romans underground to supply water to the palace. Read my previous post on it - here.

Medusa's head used as the base of a column in the cistern. It was believed that those heads were placed there to put a stop to the pagan beliefs. Some sort like - 
" See I place Medusa 's head sideways and upside down. Surround those heads with water up until the roof and nothing happen to me. " In other words there is no such Curse.

Another of her head placed upside down, supporting another column.
Historians said it is most likely those heads were recycled from other buildings and laid to rest here in an awkward state for convenient purposes.
The engineers then must had rolled it this way and that way to find a good fit or a good  use for it. At last they must had and it turned out this way. By the way the columns were also recycled from other buildings or ruins across the vast Roman empire.

A Lovely Morning ...

Good morning, beautiful people. Isn't that a beautiful view. Another view of the lake in our neighborhood. The morning is so bright and sunny. A huge change from the last few days. 

I was out and about early today. Went to the clinic for a blood test. A long over due test. Hopefully I have been doing well  all these time. Such as I do not need to watch my intakes more than I need to do now. It will be a pain if I had to. 

Soooo..... Meanwhile I am going to enjoy my breakfast. :) 
Have yourselves a lovely day, 

14 August, 2014

Pasir Ris

Took some shots as I was walking in our neighborhood. 

12 August, 2014

Brunch With Mom

A shot of the view from the food court as I was slurping some yummy noodles. Had brunch with Mom here this morning. As usual we only come here for the noodles. Especially on a cloudy and cool day. 

Our fav noodle. Pan meen. Hand made noodles. 

10 August, 2014

What A Difference


Woke up because it was so bright and sunny. The sun was shinning so brightly with out the curtains and bars from my window. They have been removed since the day we had the air con installed. Suddenly the view looks stunning. Well, it is actually nothing great about the view. Looking at it through a gauzy curtain and bars makes a huge difference. 

And then in a matter of half an hour it was pouring like mad ! 
I should have just pulled the blanket over my head and continued sleeping earlier. Now is such a good weather to laze about in bed.  Instead I am now wide awake and had breakfast prepared. 

What a start to the day....

A Visit To A Book Fair

Last evening I went to a book fair held at the expo. Expected a crowd but was surprised to see non. Might be I was there late in the evening. 
LLooks empty of crowd doesn't it ? The books were selling at a much discounted rate.
If you have kids the books for children were a steal. I used to buy books for my boys at these kind of book fairs too. 

There is not much choice for the adults fiction section. Well, maybe not for me. Mainly I go for romance, with some mystery. Don't see much of those around even though there were a couple of rows of fiction books in the hall. 

One have to really take their time to slowly browse through those books. They are not in alphabetical order and there then to be repeats of the same books here and there. 

I went there with my friend N, met my son who was there earlier. We bought a couple of books after slowly browsing for a few hours or so. Hmm...been awhile since I read any books. Looks like it is time to restart. 

09 August, 2014

Happy Birthday, Singapore !!

Today is this nations 49th birthday.
Happy Birthday !!!! 
May you have more good years to come. 

Soooo ..... On this public holiday I am now lazing at home. Had a good run this morning with my buddy. Cooked lunch ironed a huge pile of clothes and now chewing on some nuts and blogging ...
Plus enjoying the view from my window. 

Our sgt major was not with us this morning as he was sick. Poor thing has been sleeping most of the time due to his medications for the last few days. Still coughing, hacking away like the old man, Hacks. With no appetite ... I hope he will not waste away ...or become thinner than he is now........

Made more pops .... Yeah the popsicles mania is still on going ... :) 

Have a  awesome weekend....

Saturday Photo Hunt - Lacy

 My take for this weeks theme - 
Lacy like white flower.

We found this flower along the cliffs of Amasra, Turkey, A sleepy fishing village over looking the Black Sea. It covers the cliffs with its Lacy like look. According to our guide they are quinine flowers. We had a lovely time sipping tea and coffee, mingling with the locals, enjoying the view and just chillaxing. A great way to relax after the hectic schedule we had earlier.
I have fond memories of this place... :)