03 May, 2015

A Day Out In Town

Today H and I went to check out the library in Orchard. We like it as it has nice seats along the glass windows where you can read under the natural light. Alas I can't find what I was looking for so we decided to pop to the main branch at Bugis. Before that we stopped for a drink  at Dean & Deluca. They sure have some yummy looking cakes but we decided to go for the scone set with tea. Once we finished with our tea and scones we walked over to the library in Bugis. Searched and found the book I was looking for. Hang around the library until it was time for dinner. We had chicken rice for dinner. This time we tried the Sin Swee Kee along Seah Street. 

After the yummy dinner we were stuffed to our gills. Instead of taking the train home we walked around, window shopped until most of the shops closed. So we made our way to the station and took our ride back home. After I washed up, I tried to settled down but can't. I felt so full. As if the oil in my tummy was congealing - I blame it on my over active mind. Maybe I was feeling guilty over the amount of calories I had consumed today. Don't know, maybe.Anyway made for us a cup of hot green tea. Hmmm....the hot tea helped to relief the fullness I was feeling enough for me to settle down and catch up with my fav drama of the moment - Romance Of The Condor Heros 2014. 
Ok, I am now going to end it here and call it a night. Btw it is raining heavily outside. The rain is now beating on my windows and wind is howling. Nice and cool - perfect weather to catch up with my beauty sleep. 
Bye and Nite...

02 May, 2015

Labour Day, 2015

It is time for coffee on this Labour Day evening with my Mom and H. 

Meanwhile I was trying on some hats. So far I have tried a few and I still have not found one that I like. The search continues...

01 May, 2015

Farewell To City Ville

Hello, everyone... This post is a bit of a rant and to commemorate the end of my city.....
Today one of my favourite games cease to exist anymore. Zynga had shut down the game City Ville. All my years of effort, sweat, hours and many late nights building the city to what it was is now gone. All down the drain or rather into the cyber space. Zynga mentioned they have a special thank you gift for the City Ville loyal players in two of their other games. Well,  you know what, I do not play those games and I am not interested in it. Infact I am not interested in anymore games from Zynga. This is not the first time they shut down one of their games I played - Cafe World. I really love that game.
I am damn piss off with them. No more games from Zynga. No More !!! 
Since I and like the other players we can't do anything since they made known they are shutting down a much love game of ours. I took some screen shots of my lost into the cyber space city of mine. A city built from years of my hard work. 

Bye, Bye City Ville
You are going to be missed
BOO !! 
To Zynga

29 April, 2015

Bath & Body Works Diamond Shimmer Mist

Today I am going to talk about a body mist from Bath & Body Works. It is the Japanese Cherry Blossom Diamond Shimmering Mist and I am totally in love with it. :) 

I received this during my birthday and I have been using it since. The first time I used it I was skeptical. It does not spray evenly like any of the body mist I used before.  Usually a body mist will comes out in a spritz of fine fragrant mist. Btw this is the first time I'm using a body mist from Bath&BodyWorks. So, I have no idea if their other body mist are the same or it is  for only this range. 
As I was saying it does not spritz out like the usual mist. It comes out in a semi thick consistency kind of fluid. You need to spread it out with your hands to get the shimmering effect. 

The fragrance will stays for quite a while on my skin. Usually I will layer it on top of a body cream. Then I spritz it all over my body. Like I say its fragrance and shimmer staying effect last. I love the scent of the Cherry Blossom and with the body mist it makes the fragrance last longer. Lol... I am now even smelling myself.... Can die or not !!! Lol...
I don't find myself like a glittering shimmering ball even though I said I spritzed it all over me. Because one spritz after you spread it out covers quite a large area. Therefore the shimmering effect is just right. Not too much or too little. 
Many thanks to my friend who gifted me this lovely item. I have never felt so luxurious and glamorous before. On second thoughts a walking flower bomb too. 
OK, I am now going to continue to smell myself. LOL....

28 April, 2015

Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

I got nothing much to blog about lately but I feel like I want to. So how ??? 
So... I looked around me and saw my make up brushes all yucky looking. They are in need of a wash. I thought I can blog about that but not about my brushes but what I used to clean them. So, here is a brief summary of it. 
How do you wash your brushes ? 
I had googled and watched a few videos on it. There do not seem to be a standard way to wash them. I tried to follow a few ways. In the end I found that it is what will suit me or rather make use of what I have with me. One thing for sure there is no way I am going to fork out that amount of money to buy a glove made to wash makeup brushes. Now they have come out with a mat for it too. 
But the idea of a cleaning mat seems interesting. I read about a blogger using a cleaning mat to clean her brushes and it was not the mat with a huge price tag. Instead she talked about using one from the $2 store. Inspired by her post I went in search of it and I found it.

It is actually a silicone pot holder with groves on it. Excited I brought one home and tried it out. I must admit that it sure makes cleaning the brushes easier. I place the mat in the sink, drop some liquid soap ( I use a baby bathing soap ) on it. Wet my brushes and lightly rub  them on the mat. The groves on the mat will somehow help to remove all the makeup from the brushes. To rinse off the soap I do the same thing too, with the running water. 
At last cleaning my brushes is much easier now. 
So, how do you clean yours ? Please share. 

26 April, 2015

My Birthday Gifts.

Hello... My birthday month has been awesome.  I am so blessed to have so many good friends. I made a new friend and on my birthday too.
Near or far they remembered my birthday and showered me with gifts and greetings. Bless them. 
Last night I met up with a few friends for a day out in town. Just shopping, mainly window shopping. Just having a great girly bonding time in the dressing rooms, admiring how we all look in clothes we would never dare to wear or wish we could wear.  More bonding with both new and old friends over a couple of  drinks, a cupcake and a meal together.  
Here are some of the lovely gifts I received from my lovely, lovely friends. 

A great big kisses to my friends ...


21 April, 2015

18 Chefs @ Simei

Hello... Today met up with my cousin for lunch. We arranged to meet at Simei and lunch at this outlet known as 18 Chefs. This is the first time we are trying it and I must say we were disappointed. We ordered three dishes to be shared by the four of us. Among the three only the dish known as the Heart Attack Fried Rice is good.

Heart attack fried rice with a serving of beef steak. The rice is fried with the oil from the beef steak and dark soy sauce. Yummy .. Those who love beef this is heaven ! :)

A Snack Platter of fried seafood. Nothing great about it. In fact the fries were soft. The fish nuggets taste too processed like . Guess we like out fish nuggets with a more fish feel to it.

Garlicky Cheese Baked Mussels. Again the fries failed. The mussels were good though. 
Maybe it was this outlet or we happen to choose the wrong dishes. But my cousin said she will not come here again. As for me - I am willing to give it another go. 
So... If you have tried this outlet before how was it ? 
Bye ...

19 April, 2015

Me With A Lighter Head...

Hello.... If you do not notice I have cut my hair. Nice ? How do you like it ? I decided to cut off my hair because I was sick of my previous hair. I have been with long hair for many years now. So, I have decided to chop it off and sport a new hair do. Well, the weather recently helped  me in my decision too. It has been scorchingly hot !!! Real happy to chop it off. On the other hand kind of felt weird. After sporting my new hair do I noticed most of the women I see sports long hair.
Do I regret my action ... I must admit there is a tiny winy sense of regret. But when I was washing my hair today I noticed I was using less shampoo and conditioner. That's a plus. Dries faster than previously. Another plus here. Just need to run my fingers through and I am out of the door. Double plus !!! Last but not least it is only hair. It will grow again. 
All in all happy with my new hair do. My head feels lighter and I look cute. 
I look cute don't I ? 

15 April, 2015

My Drug Store Buys

I know I mentioned that I am not going to spend more money on shopping but these do not consider as spending. These are call necessities. :) 

L'Oreal Ever Strong Anti Breakage Dual Serum. My at the moment hair serum. Been through many bottles of these. 

I heard that this is a good make up remover. As my Bioderma is going to hit the bottom soon I am going to give this a try and see how it goes. If it works as well as the Bioderma ones I will stick to this causes this is so much cheaper. 

Foot Glide Anti Blister. This is a pretty good stuff. Good for when you feel like your shoe is going to give you a bite or two. Just swipe it around that area that needs it and it will help to keep the  blister away. 
Excuse the Hello Kitty packaging. Disclaimer here - I personally do not like Hello Kitty. I bought this caused I like the size of it. It is only 10g and I can pop it in to my bag and not take up much space. 

Just look at the original's size. So which will you pick to throw it in to your bag ? 

Next another foot product. Another anti blister thingy again. Blister plasters. I like this in house brand plaster more than the others. Don't know why. Maybe it stays on better. Easier to put it on. Oh... Now I know it has more pieces in that box than the the other brands. 
Now with those in hand I can walk about in my most sexy shoes. Lol... Ya as if I have any sexy shoes. 

This is another new for me. A waterproof, perspiration proof, SPF 50+ PA++++ face and body sun block. With the hole in our atmosphere we do need to apply sun block not only on our face but on to any parts of our body that is expose too. The only thing is I must remember to apply on my body. Hmmm....

That's all. 

13 April, 2015

Guerlain's Complimentary Beauty Box

Last weekend I was in town with my friend who was there to collect her pair of shoes. I just tag along to have a day out in town. Both of us do not intend to spend any money other on food. No shopping for us ! We happen to past by Sephora  Ion and she said she wants to drop in for a while. She had received an email from Sephora about an invitation to collect a complimentary beauty box from Guerlain. She asked if I had received one too and I told her I usually just ignore them and sent them to the trash bin. Usually she will do the same too but since we happen to pass my the store we dropped in. So, she went to collect hers and see what it was. We were not expecting much. 
This was what she collected. 

Wow..... I want it too. There and then I searched through my trash bin to look for that deleted mail and I found it. Yeah !!! Phew ... :) 

So, I got my complimentary beauty box with six sample size products in it. These are what was in it...

From left to right -

- Super Aqua Lotion
- Lingerie de Peau foundation SPF 20- PA+, Beige Clair 02
- L'Or Radianc Concentrate with Pure Gold Makeup Base
- Super Aqua Serum Light Intense Hydration Wrinkle Plumper
- Cils d'Enfer Maxi Lash Volume Creating Curl Sculpting Mascara in Noir 01
- Gloss d'Enfer Maxi Shine Lip Gloss, Candy Strip 468

What do you think ? A great box isn't it ? Especially I 'm using some of the products there. I opened up some of them to try and I must say that Guerlain products smells great. It evokes my memory of a clean baby's scent. Laugh all you want but that is how I  perceive it.

So, those of you in Singapore chop, chop check your emails and collect it from Sephora Ion. You don't need to purchase anything. ( That's the best part. ) Just present your email with this invitation and your Sephora card. What are you waiting for... Go check your email - if you are those who are like  me. Hope you like your beauty box.