29 March, 2015

What Is In My Travel Makeup Case

Hello... I am in love with this makeup travel case. I bought it from Muji and used it during my last vacation. It looks more compact then the one I have been using.

The previous case I had was a regular pouch where I just simply throw in my cosmetics. When I need an item I need to search through the pouch for it. No matter how tidy and careful  I placed them it will some how turn up in a mess. With this new pouch that do not happen at all. Everything remains where you placed them.

Once you unzipped it it opens like a book with a zipped compartment in the center. One side has slots for brushes. The other side has two openings with transparent flaps. You can slot things into those  transparent flaps too. 

These are what I have in there :-

A sample compact powder from Dior
Naked Flushed palette
Anastasia Brow Wiz
A few satchets of sample primers from Sephora
Nars concealer 
L'Oreal mascara
Laneige BB cushion 
Make up forever mist +fix
Benefit gimme brow 
Two Faced Lip Primer sample size  
Two Faced Pink Chocolate lipstick 
MAC Angel lipstick 

I guess I don't use much makeup. If you can call that being not a lot. Lol.... Bet you my Sis would be rolling her eyes ....
Sooo... Yes, I am able to fit all those things I need in there. I don't use much eye make up except for the mascara and brow ones. I must admit the BB cushion do take up lots of space but I guess I just got to make a space for it. It gives a light coverage and has SPF too. It is my go to make up when I am in a hurry. To be honest who got time to spent so much time on makeup when you travel. 
The Naked palette comes with a blusher, highlighter and bronzer. In my book it makes a good travel companion. :) 

So that's it. What do you think ? 


28 March, 2015

Hong Kong / Macau 2015

Hello, everyone.  I went one a short trip to Hong Kong recently. My second visit and all I did was eat. Yes, from morning to night. Here is what I had. Nom...nom...nom... Let's start.
Be warned - it is all about food.

Day 1

Chicken sausage claypot rice.
After checking in to our hotel my food expedition started with Four Season's Claypot Rice.  My last trip I did not get to try it because we truned up too late in the night.This time round we were tooo early but we got what we came for...

Beef Claypot Rice and Duck egg Oyster omelette 

Roast Goose from Tai Hing 

Hui Lau Shan's Mango desserts. Totally obsessed ......

Milk tea. We downed many of those for the next few days. 

And...That was only day 1. 

Day 2 

Breakfast at Tsui Wah cha chan teng. Macaroni and soup, Bread with eggs set. Fish balls noodles soup. Beef Satay Soup. Egg noodles with vege soup.

Dim sum at a restaurant with super good service - Fook Lam Moon. It was worth the splurge.

Egg waffles from LKK. A street snack I picked up when I saw a queue of students waiting patiently for it 

Kam Wah Pineapple bun. Yum yum..

Instant noodles from the convenient  store for a late night dinner / supper. After all the food we had earlier we were too full to eat until late into the night.  

Day 3 

For breakfast in a cafe that seems to be still stuck in time. Mido Cafe's Noodle. Egg omelette with tomato sauce. Macaroni soup with ham. 

Steamed Raddish Cake, Malay Koh and Fried noodles aka Sing Zhou chow meei   A late lunch from Lin Heung Yuen Tea House. Those were the only dim sum I managed  to grab. 

Freshly squeezed sweet pomegranate juice along Cat Street The lady boss told us her pomegranates are from Xian which is known for their sweet pomegranates. 

Of course I have to drop by for my fav egg tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery. 

Walked over to Duddle St to enjoy my egg tart in Starbucks Bing Sutt. 

For dinner at Yat Lok Restauruat for more  roast goose. 

Day 4 - Macau 

But before we took the ferry over we had porridge and some fried noodles at Ocean Empire. 

At Macau we had some street snacks. Fish balls and pork chop buns. Those buns seems to be sold everywhere.

Lunch  - dropped into this restaurant - 
Tried out their Hainanes Chicken Rice coz someone die die also must try.  To me nothing beats those from home so I am not going to waste my calories on it but I did try some  - pinch from his plate... The rice was rather soft and they gave a large serving of it. The taste of the chicken was so so, the meat was tough. The ginger was super salty. A large serving of plain veges to fill you up if the rice did not.

The soup that came with the rice. Carrot potato and some bones that looks like from a bird of some kind.

Wonton mee Macau style. I prefer the wonton more than the mee.

Desserts - Serradurra, A Portuguese kind of dessert.

Dinner we had it back at TST for more wonton mee at Mak Man Kee, Jordan. Definitely much better than those we had in Macau

More mango madness from Hui Lau Shan 

Day 5 - Last day 

Mui Kee Porridge from Fa Yuen Food Center. Waked up super early and walked there. 

More bolo bun from Kam Wah. Just a few street a way from the food center. 

So with that it marks the last of my food expedition in Hong Kong. A very happy me for I managed to eat what I want to eat. Burrrppp.......