31 January, 2015

Saturday PhotoHunt - Cube

I came across this Cube shaped stools at Crawford Lane. They are located at the common area between block of flats. 

Those stools were accompanied by a chest table. 

On this bright sunny weekend, only one table was occupied with players. It is a common sight in most housing area. Older folks will gather around here pitting their strategies with their opponent. Some will just hang around observing them or the life passing by.

Last Day Of The Month

Just noticed that it is the end of the month already. The first month of the year just past by so fast ! Nineteen more days to CNY. As usual nothing prepared or planned. As usual last minute shopping frenzy and preparation. This year will most likely be a low key celebration as my knee is not up to the challenge. Anyway will see how things will go. 

As for now I will be posting what I have been stuffing myself with today. 

Started the morning with some char siew pau. Woke up early today. Not that I want to wake up that early especially I had a late night ( see last post ) .  My knee was aching and it is kind of not easy to drop back to sleep like I usually do. So, I pulled myself out of bed and made myself useful by steaming those buns. 

While those buns were having their steam bath I started a big pot of water for lunch. Porridge was on the menu for lunch. No pictures here as I didnot thought of blogging about it. Nothing interesting - just some plain old porridge. 

As for dessert - yummy,  juicy Australian mangoes. I had them chilled whole and cut them up to serving sizes. Then to the best part. Gawning on the seed. Licking my lips and wiping the cold dripping juice from my mouth and chin. Not glamorous  or lady like at all but oh so shiok !!! I have been doing this since I was a kid. Before I was even allowed to cut the fruits I will stand beside my Mom and make sure I get the seed. 
Do anyone do this too ? 

Have yourself a lovely weekend.
Bye ...

Late Night Ramblings


Good morning ! Posting this at 3 am in the morning. Accompanied by a wuxia drama and a glass of wine. 
As usual I am wide awake and since my leg is not up to any strenuous activity... Hehehe... I can sleep late and drink all I want. Yeah !

28 January, 2015

My Knee Is Killing Me ...

How have you been ? Hope you have been well. Today's post will be all about my not so well state. 

My knee is killing me. It all happen after the last weekend run. While chillaxing in my room I noticed that my left knee was and still is swollen. :(  
Accompanied by a slight fever too. I placed an ice pack over the knee and took two Tylenol. The ice pack helps to a certain extend. More like it numbs the nerves so I am able to limp around minus the pain. It has been three days now and it is still slightly swollen. The left knee is stiff and I can't bend or extend it out fully without wincing from the pain it causes. I got a feeling I either tore or injured a muscle around my knee. 

My GF brought over some Ketotop plasters for me. Analgesic and anti inflammatory plasters.  I only use it in the evening so I could have a better night sleep. Bless my friend. 
I went out yesterday to restock my fridge. Just to the nearby supermarket and I was walking/ limping as slow as a snail. Going down stairs was a pain. Came back home and the knee was already killing me. Had to put an ice pack over it again.
Looks like an appointment with the doctor is unvoidable. Will see how it is by this weekend. Yes, I know. I am sturborn.

With this I will leave you all now. 
Bye ...

25 January, 2015

PicturesTaken During My Weekend Run

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. So far mine has been great. 
Went for my morning run which I had postponed from yesterday. For our run we took a different route his morning. Instead of the normal run along the beach/park. 

We ran towards the next two neighbourhood but before that we ran round the Pasir Ris fish pond. 

Ran across two highways using the overhead bridges.

Ran up and down the slopes,

...along the canal. 

...Under the train tracks 

...finally we reached our destination, Simei. 

Time for me to stuff my face with some yummy buns and coffee. Lol...
Yea, that is my goal every weekend. Run towards my breakfast.  

For lunch I fried some kway teow. Something I have not cooked for a long time. Mainly because I do not like the noodles sold in the cold section of the supermarket. Some how it never turn our right. Usually I will get those flat noodles from the market. Those fresh noddles always seems to come out the way i like. Guess I am just a bit picky about that. The problem is I seldom go to the fresh produce market. Does my shopping more in the supermarket. Hence no fried kway teow.

Sooo... Once again that was my weekend. I am now resting, lazing around the house with a cup of tea and blogging A good Kdrama will be on once I post this out. 


24 January, 2015

My Simple Weekend.....

Hello, my beautiful friends.
This is my weekend face for today. Lol... 
A simple make up with just a few basics. Mostly my favs. 

Laneige BB Cushion, my all time fav when I am short for time or when I just want a some light coverage. Can't even remember how many of this I have been through. My all time fav. 

L Oreal Manga Voluminous mascara. Hmm... Can't really say it gives any volume to my lashes because mine are really sparse. In fact I still have not found one that I am happy with. Short of sticking on falsies which I am not keen on, I guess I just got to live with it.

Mac blusher ( Stay Pretty ), the lightest  of all my blushes. I like it to add some colours to my cheeks. 

Dior lipstick ( 558 ), a lovely shade when I don't want a nude look but not that of a nude look.
Get my meaning ? 

And for the eye brows Tarte dip brow in Taupe. This is an old pot but a favourite of mine. Got this pot when I first started playing with make up. Recommended by the SA in Sephora when I told her I was totally clueless about eye brows make up  but I know I need one to mask my sparse brows. I think she told me this pot was fail proof and easy to use. She was right. I recommended this to my friend and she too fell in love with it.

That's it.. Tied up my hair in a ponytail and I am good to go.

did not go for usual run this morning as I got some thing to do. Met H who had his breakfast while waiting for me and then we proceed for coffee. 

Had a very simple breakfast. A squashed up coffee bun that looks like a fried chicken and a cup of Joe. The bun ended up like that because I bought it earlier just in case I got hungry which did not happen. During  the time from then to my breakfast it some how got into that state in my bag. Still good to eat though. 

Sooo... That's it. 
Have yourself a very lovely weekend and I will see you all soon. 

22 January, 2015

Mid-Week Morning Chat

Good morning, my friends. 

Made myself a cup of tea this morning. I used the floral tea from Numi that I mentioned before. I got it in a box of assorted floral teas. The thing is I do not know what kind of flower I am brewing. It is indicated at the box but not the individually wrapped flower balls. So it is kind of like a guessing game going on every time I take one out. For today I am guessing it is jasmine  because  of a strand of little white flowers floating around but still attached to the main ball of a mass of tea at both ends. Kind of like the handle of a basket. Am I making any sense here ??? Anyway I like how it floats in my mug. 

Talking about mugs I saw some a cute, red and so CNY mug in Starbucks. Perfect for the coming CNY festival. Mom says it is kind of plain looking. I must admit compared to those during Christmas this is plain looking but it just seems to call out to me. Just a simple plain mug. Might be because lately I have been alternating between a black or the clear glass mug. Come to think of it, it makes a good birthday gift too for those born under this zodiac year. Hmmm... Shopping time !  :)


Helloo, again...

It is now lunch time and I had just nuked a packet of frozen Korean Fried Rice. First time trying it  and it is not bad. Not bad at all. It comes in a packet of two servings. Individually packed. I bought mine from the frozen section of my local super market. 

Before I go and attack my rice I would like to share some of it with you all. 
So here, have some fried rice ....

19 January, 2015

Weekend Shopping Spree Part Two

As promised the clothes and other purchases I did last weekend. Not much in quantity but they are a bit on the big ticket category. I had already posted the items I picked up from Bath and Body Works in my last post. 

First - a demin jacket from Zara caused I think I need one in my wardrobe. 

One of the shops we wandered into was DVF. I did not plan to purchased anything here because I know their clothes are way beyond my budget. We came in caused my friend wanted to try on their clothes. We picked up some from the sales rack just to try them out and end up walking out with this bag. 

Tried a few and I fell in love with this. This dress covers all my bumps. Especially those around my tummy region. It was perfect. As if it was made for me.  :)
CNY clothes settled. 

Last stop for our shopping expedition was Furla. We wandered in here as the rest of the shops were already closed or closing by the time we reached this mall. Hmmmm... We did not know that most of the shops here closes at 9.30pm. A bit early isn't it ? On a Saturday night too. Just shows how often we shop in town. We actually wanted to do more shopping but was stopped by all the closed doors. Sian...
Anyway the SA in Furla was so nice to entertain us. Even when they closed their doors she was still very nice and patient with us as we decided on the bags. Thumbs up to them ! 

So, again from the sales rack we each picked up a bag. Yes, very CNY but I am always drawn to red accessories. It was half it's actual price. So, why not....and it was a new piece too. My first bag from Furla.

Earlier we had dropped into Louis Vuitton to checked out something I am interested in.

 A coin purse
A key pouch

Can't decide on which one to get. I am looking for one to fit into my Eva clutch.when I down size my bag. Been checking out the reviews by the others on the net too. I still can't decide but one thing I know is that I love the feel of this leather.
Of course this will not be a purchased anytime soon especially since I just spent a bomb. If you have any suggestions or ideas please do leave your comments. Really appreciate it.
Sooo... that's all for this post re my last weekend spree. I was just looking back and I noticed that I had forgotten to post the beauty haul I did recently.  OK.. will see to that.
So, that's it. I am now going to cry when I next see my bank account.

18 January, 2015

Weekend Shopping Spree

This is looking to be like a weekend update blog post. The reason being I find that I have more going on then than the rest of the week.
Today will be talking mainly about the mini shopping spree I did yesterday at Orchard Road. As usual it was a spur of a moment decision to meet in town for some window shopping. I am looking for a skirt and crop pants to replace the ones I have which are getting mighty old, tired and faded looking. 

First I will start off with my usual weekend run with my running buddies. Same place same time but the early morning weather was good. Cooling with a nice breeze which makes my huffing and puffing very pleasant indeed. 

After the run we dropped into Paris Baguette for brunch. I think we over ordered as we were stuffed at the end of it. Should have shared. Maybe because after the run we were super hungry and didnot think of sharing our food. Anyway this is my first time trying out their brunch and I must say that it wasgood. Although in my last picture the eggs looks terrible  becasue we wanted the egg cooked to death instead of the usual sunny side up. 
Did my usual weekend grocery shopping, prepared lunch for the rest at home, took my bath, slap on my makeup and I was out of the door. Met with my friends and the shopping expedition began...

First stop was Zara which was having their sales. Tried on lots of clothes to see what fits or what not on me. Trying out new styles, cutting, length and among all that I did not manage to find what I was looking for.  Anyway what do you think of those two ?  Of course I post the best. Lol...
We went into many other shops too but still did not find what I was looking for. I did pick up some thing from Zara and an other dress from else where. Will show them later. 

Seriously, I have come to a conclusion that I am not born for sunglasses. Especially those big frame ones. Those with out the nose pads. You know those you can push the sunglasses up and leave it on your head. It looks so cool alas after walking the whole afternoon and evening, trying on various shapes and brands nothing seems to work or call out to me. Sob, sob... Mighty disappointed. 

Along the way we popped into Bath and Body Works which was having some sales. The store was packed with people like me who are enjoying the sales to stock up on their favourite products. The queue to the cashier was obviously very long too. 

Yup, I went gaga in there. Bought more of those three wick candles and some hand soaps. They were on sales, so why not. Ya, why not....

All expedition needs sustenance and we found it at TWG tea house. Ah... Nothing like a cup of tea. 

I was really ravenous by then since I did  not have my lunch earlier. I was then still too full from the brunch we had earlier. So we polished up our plates in no time. Nom...nom...nom...

Once refueled our shopping expedition continued with more shops, more selections and more trying. 
I must tell you this has been one fun filled day. It has been ages since I did any shopping with my girlfriends. One that I actually buy something other than just trying and not getting anything..
Muaks to my them. Nothing beats shopping with girls as we give each other opinions and dish out nonsense non stop as we paraded in the dressing room. 

Yes, it has been a awesome day. 
Hope you all have a good weekend too.