15 September, 2014

Teochew Porridge For Dinner

It was my curiosity that led me here. Every time I past by this area sitting in the  bus I will see lots of people queuing outside some food stores. There will be cars double parking along the road. Most of the stores will have their tables full. 
Soooo.... Last weekend I dragged H here to explore this area. Actually there is not much dragging to do as I tempted him with Teochew Porridge for dinner. 
Sneaky right ??? If you know me I am not a big fan of Teochew Porridge. I lean more towards the  Cantonese kind. 

Since I have sold the idea to him we got on the bus and made our way there. Dropped off and started our exploration but first I must feed H. Lol....

We dropped in to this store. They have a huge selection of dishes to accompany your bowl of porridge. 
The dishes were all so tempting and delish looking. Maybe we were hungry coz our table seems to be filled with lots of side dishes once the the waiter stopped serving us. 
Nom... Nom... Slurp ... Slurp...

Heng Long Teochew Porridge
1006 Upper Serangoon Rd 

After our meal we walked around and noted there were a couple of interesting restaurants around this area. Looks like we have found a new food haunt.

Cafe Exploration @ Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe

It was by chance we came across this cafe. Dropped by here after our meal and walk about the Kovan area. 

 We only came in for a cup of coffee.  We were too full for anything else. Although their waffles look good. Most of their customer seems to go for their waffles and brownies too. 

Deco in this cafe is cute with their Alice in Wonderland theme. 
Thats about all I have to say about this cafe. For a coffee lover the coffee served here is not to my taste. 
I take it that most of their customers who are willing to form a queue outside their door are here for their desserts and not coffee. 
If I ever come here again I might drop in for their desserts. Maybe.....

Hatters Street Bakehouse & Cafe 
Blk 212 Hougang Steert 21

13 September, 2014

Affordable Steak For Dinner...

Had dinner last night at Colin's Grill. A stall situated inside a coffee shop by the name of Food Loft. This would be our second visit here. I past by this stall many times and from the food I saw the customers tucking in. It sure looks real delish.... 
Of course I must try lor.. 
Their portions of food was good for the price we paid. Their meals come with spaghetti but you can change it to fries or rice. Presentation of their food was as good as a restaurants.  Reminds me of the days back home when coffee house was in the rage. Used to love popping into one just to enjoy some western meal. It will be the highlight of the day if my parents brought us there for a meal. 

Yeah ...Colin's remind me of those bygones years but instead of having your meal in a shop with full services. Here you have to place and pay for your orders at the counter. They will hand over a tray with napkins and a round buzzer. Your food will be ready for collection once the buzzer goes off. 

A great find in a neighborhood coffee shop. A affordable and delish meal is hard to come by now a days. We will definitely popped over for our future meals. 

Once we have satisfied our hunger it is now time for coffee..... Popped over to a cafe nearby- next post.  

Collin's Grill And Bento
Blk 217, Bedok North St 1 

Cafe Exploration @ Percolate

Came across this small cafe (half the size of HDB shop ) while I was reading about the cafes in the east. I happened to be in that area one evening but they were close.  Soooo.... Came back another evening with H. Ya, die die must try it out... Lol... 

We tried the salted caramel cake and it was yummy... And the best thing here was the coffee. They serve the coffee  just how I like it. Strong and bold ? I am no coffee expert. So that description might be wrong.  I only know how I like mine and how it hits the right notes at first sip... 
Lol.... Trying to be creative in my writing. 
Try out this coffee joint to find out how good their coffee is.  
Note - they close on Tuesday. 

136, Bedok North Ave 3 

Saturday Photo Hunt - Rose

Who does not just love the beauty and fragrance of a Rose. There are a huge variety of roses out there. Of course in our tropical climate, roses are rare and hard to cultivate. Unless it is in a green house. So when I do come across them locally or overseas I will usually go gaga over them. Out comes my nose, followed by the camera...
But today my post will not be about those thorny flowers I so love. Instead I would like to touch on this -

A organic Rose oil cream that I came across during my holiday in Istanbul. During our free and easy day in that city our guide offered to take us around, with no guide fees ( love him for that ) although we gave him a huge tip at the end. He brought us to an organic market that he frequents and recommended this to us. It is made according to an ancient doctor's formula. We were given only a teeny weeny bit on our hands as a sample to try on the spot.
We dutifully rub it around. Instantly you get a gentle whiff of the Rose oil. Even though we only had a really teeny weeny amount on our hands, it was able to moisturise quite a large area with that amount.
We were sold....I only bought a tub of it coz it was pricey, being organic and all. Plus I was worried about the weight of my bags which by now were stuffed with all my previous shopping.
Came home and I regretted not getting more of it coz this stuff is real good.
That's the thingy about shopping on a holiday. I always regret not getting a certain item or once I return home.

07 September, 2014

Cafe Exploration @ Cat Cafe

After our so so meal at Ujong we walked to Victoria Street and  tried out this cat cafe I heard about. The name of the cafe is - Cat Cafe. It is cafe where you mingle with the resident's cats. They are stray cats that has been rescued.

$15 for an entrance fee with a soft drink and unlimited time there. We had an option to upgrade our drinks which we did coz we are not fans of soft drinks. 

Before we entered we were told to leave our purchases at the bar, outside the cat zone area. Rules of the cafe were read out to us and once we sanitized our hands we entered. 

First impression there were lot more humans then cats. Lol...
Second, the cats were mostly snoozing or perched high up away from us.  
Very antisocial.... Although there were one or two that came and sat next to us. One even came to checked out our hand bags. Maybe it smelt the food we were carrying earlier.
The following are some shots I took of our furry friends.

06 September, 2014


It has been awhile since I went out on a Friday evening. The first thing that strucked me was the attire the people were wearing. I am so used to seeing everyone in their casual weekend attire. Chic, smart, office attire were everywhere yesterday.  I feel so bumpkin like ....

Last evening the purpose of my venture down town on a Friday evening was to collect my race pack for my next self inflict torture. ( Don't asked me why I am still torturing myself....) Met my running buddies for the collection at Marina Sq. 
It was a quick stop. Once that was over with we met up with another of my girlfriend for dinner. 
On the way we detoured at this bakery - Duke Bakery.  By the time we got there, there was not much choice left. Luckily I am still able to pick up my favs. The bread here are a tad expensive but they are so worth it. Yummy and solid breads. 
Dinner was suppose to be at a zhe char a few streets away but as was I walking there we came across this place, Ujong at Raffles Hotel. Recalled reading a review about this place. Mentioned it to my friends and we decided to give it a try. My first encounter with it was when I stood outside it to escape from the sun while waiting for the traffic light  to turn green. I thought it was a Korean restaurant going by its name Ujong. Duh... It turn out to be a Asian restaurant with our local delights. This is what we tried last night. Nasi lemak, beef rendang, claypot rice, sambal egg plant, bak chor mee with pasta and kuih bahlu tiramisu. Among all that we had the claypot rice was the best. The Nasi lemak was a failure. Would I go again ? No... 

Next stop - a cat cafe and that will be my next post. 

Saturday Photo Hunt - Gray

Gray or Grey. It is the same. Just depends where you are located. The British uses the later which I am more familiar with.

Whole lot of the colour Grey is painted all over this ship. So that when it is out at sea it acts as a camouflage.
Er...... boring right ?
What about this ? 

A Grey door. Now don't be fooled by this plain looking door. It's whole exterior might look run down but...
Behind that Grey door is a very chic coffee joint. They serve delicious coffee and yummy breakfast/ brunch. 
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05 September, 2014

Entertainment Spot

One of the many buskers spotted outside the Tampines train station. They seems to be taking turn to perform here. There will be usually one in the morning, afternoon and evening in this same area. 

Ready For MoonCakes

It is the time of the year again ! My craze for MoonCakes has started. Preparing and layering my body fats with yummy yummy cakes. LOL....
The malls are flooded with them. Can't even step into one with out tripping yourself over a couple of stalls purposely set up to tempt those like me ...
Soooo..... I caved in and got a couple of cakes.
All from my fav store. Coz I like them the traditional way. No fancy pansy kinds of MoonCakes with fancy fillings. Nope. Only the red bean, lotus paste and  the assorted nuts for me !!!!
Although I just admit that some outlets do make good snow skin MoonCakes. I might get some of  those later on. They are so tempting... 
For now I am enjoying my traditional cakes. 
Kiv will buy a few more as the day gets nearer ???
OMG !!!! The calories!!! Just think of how many more runs do I need to do !!!!!