28 October, 2014

Gift From Paris

So much to blog about but I can't seem to find the time for it. From Halloween in the mall to cafe hopping, birthday trying out new food joint and shopping. Where do I start ??? 
I think I will go with the easiest first. The problem is I might not even reach the rest. Anyway here goes ... 

My cousin went on a holiday with her family to Paris and London. She brought back some Brie for me. Yippee !!!! 
She purchased it from the airport. So cute... It came in it's own individual wood casing. 

My favorite cheese. Basically I am not a huge fan of cheese. I don't even like the Parmesan cheese toppings that comes with the pizza. I find the smell of it real strong. Might be because it has been processed and not freshly grated. I like those mozeralla cheese too. My only exposure to those cheese are mainly from pizzas or a sandwich  In sandwiches those processed cheddar cheese are used. I will usually give it a skip. Cheesecakes I like although I don't really have the whole slice all by myself. Fat die me !! 
So other that those occasion where I indulge in them I do not have much exposure to them. 

It is quite a huge portion of cheese my cousin got for me. Over here that would already cost a den in my wallet. 
Yum yum... I eat it whole.. Rind and all. With bread yummylicious. 
My first taste of it was a sample given out at the supermarket by a pushy sales rep. You know, those that have samples of their wares on trays and sometimes push it right in to your face to try. 
Somehow that day I still remember it was at Carrefour ( it has since closed its shutters here ) the sales rep offered some to us. I gave it a try coz I have never heard of it before and I was like - it is only a sample. What harm can it do. The most is I will not touch it again. At least I tried something new. I gingerly took a bite of the small portion of cheese on a big portion of cracker. 
That's it... I instantly fell in love with it.  I do not know how to explain it. I have never tasted cheese like that before. I took more of the sample and went on to buy a small slice of it. 
From then on I will always look out for it whenever I pass by the cheese section.  Expensive indulgence. You can either buy it by weight or prepacked. Now a days I see mainly the prepacked ones since Carrefour stopped its operation 
here.  I guess the other supermarket that cater to the expats will carry it but t will be expensive. Not something that will grace my shopping cart. 

Therefore I am very grateful to my cuz for getting me a huge slice of my fav Brie. 

27 October, 2014

My Baby Is 18.

Happy, Happy Birthday.  My baby is eighteen today. Time really flies. Still recall the day he was so impatient pushing his way out to see the world. The drive to the hospital in middle of the night. As soon as I reached the bed, lay down and he was out, screaming his lungs out. Turn out to be the sweetest baby among all my boys. 
Many happy returns, my son. 

25 October, 2014

Saturday Photo Hunt - Funny

 I came across those bottles of chili sauce in a small coastal town, Lumut, Malaysia
We found it Funny from the description written on the bottle.
I take it that the ' Keep Fit ' will get you hopping around once it is consumed. Small chillies are known to be super duper hot/spicy. So all those hopping around will somehow keep you fit.
Where else the ' Pain 100% ' with garlic added... I will leave it to your imagination...
What do you think it will be like ?

Have a fun filled week.
Photo Hunters.

Cafe Exploration - Assembly Ground

With such a name it reminds me of my school days. Where we will assemble at the assembly ground every morning for our national anthem and inspection by the dreaded prefects. Wow... That was so long ago.... And I can still recall all that. Amazing how the older you get the more you recall the past.

Anyway back to this latest cafe we checked out recently. We made our way to The Cathay where the cafe is located. There were no table for us so we left our name and contact number. Walked around and had our lunch else where coz we were hungry. Half way through our meal we got a call that our table is ready. So we told them to hold on to it and made our way back to the cafe as soon as we finished our meal.  And they reserved the table for us. How very nice of them. we thought we would have to wait around again.

Since we already had our lunch we only tried out their cakes and drinks. 

They have quite an interesting selection of cakes. It was a sugar overload kind of day for us. :)

The Assembly Ground
The Cathay
Handy Road

19 October, 2014

Changes ...

Hi there folks ...
There have been some changes around me lately. 
Remember I mentioned that I have been besieged by the annoying sound of the jack hammer. Well it has stopped. Tapping or you could say it sounds like faint knocking had taken over it. They have sent in the experts to lay the tiles outside my door. The have finished their work on this floor but I swear that I can still hear them knocking every morning, disturbing my beauty sleep as they work the other floors.  As of now it is still a mess. Waiting to see the new complete look...
Next ... I have been doing some mini spring cleaning in my room. To make space for my new toy and misc....A on going project that I have undertaken since a few months back. 
If you have been to my place you will notice the difference. 
And yes... I am still farming mad. Addicted, crazy, obsessed ... I am all that and worst ! Part of the make over in my room is all because of  that. 
There are still more to do or should I say new changes in my room. That will be for another day.... Can't spent too much in a month on this obsession of mine. 

Next, someone mentioned that I have changed..... You bet I have. I have ceased to care what others think of me. Only the important loved or close ones opinion/ happiness matters to me. Plus I have decided to make myself happy instead of worrying if others are not happy with me. 
Don't like it... You are welcome to your own opinion. Just remember that I have my own opinion too. Don't like what I write here or in FB don't read.. Make yourself happy by just not clicking on my site, FB or any of my social network. 
Ya, I have turned bad ass.  Surprisingly it is so darn easy to achieve that than making others happy with me. 
If you are still reading this or clicking on my other networks and still not happy.Do yourself a huge favour... Unfriend me, block me, Don't even think of me or click on anyone associated with me.
If you are still doing all those and still unhappy ...you are just plain nosy ....
What can I say... maybe that is how you get your groove...in that case I am all happy to make your day....And you can take that to the bank....

18 October, 2014

Saturday Photo Hunt - Rock

 My post for this week's Rock theme is up.

One of the many Rock faces in Bayon, Angkor, Cambodia. It's a marvel what those ancient stone mason can do with a Rock. Those rocks were mined from a place far away from its present resting place.

They were brought to Angkor, 
cut to the required sizes,
 put in place,
carved out a likeness of their king. 
Awesome !!!

Lastly, a shot I took from the Aquarium.. 
Can you spot the Rock fish ?

13 October, 2014

Cafe Exploration @ Coastal Settlement

This is a back dated post. We were here for dinner a couple of weeks ago to celebrate #1's passing out and Mom's birthday. Heard about this place so much from my friends that I just got to try it out. It does help that it is only a bus ride from my place. H and I came once before   It was during dinner too but we sat outside the cafe, under the trees because we did not want to wait in the queue for the tables inside the restaurant. Dinner outside this cafe was not a good idea. It was ok until the night sets in. There were not enough lights to go around for us to really enjoy our meal. The food was fine but not able to see what you are eating kills the joy of the whole experience. The table candle lights hardly provide enough light. I guess it is ok if you are there in the dark only for drinks but not for food.

Ok that was last time. This time round we came earlier. Infact I made a 
booking earlier to ensure we get a seat indoor. Kiasu-ism.....

As promised the indoor interior is as interesting as it was proclaimed by the others. We like the deco with all the old furniture blending with the new.
Took some shots outside the cafe before it got dark.

The setting of the whole place is lovely. Blend in well with nature that surrounds it.

We enjoyed the food this time round. There are Western and Asian dishes in their menu. 
Which is great for my Mom who leans more towards dishes nearer to home. 

I must say the lighting in doors was not great for photography neither but I managed to captured some with my phone's camera and editing tools.
All in all we had a great time here.  

Coastal Settlement,
200, Netheravon Road

12 October, 2014

Saturday PhotoHunt - Spot

My favorite Spot during my weekend run at the park. Why ?? Because this is where I will reach the 5KM  mark and I can stop torturing myself. Although lately my running buddies have been increasing their distance and we just by past this and go on running..
So... I had to plod along, trailing behind them wishfully the end is near.

10 October, 2014

Retiling Works

Great....  The town council has decided to retile the common areas of our block. Infact I think this is a project throughout the  whole estate. Repainting works has been on going since sometime back. Now it is our area's turn. 

Notices were put up as usual whenever there are any inconvenience for the residents. The workers started work in our block the day before.

 Yesterday they came with their trusty jack hammer and broke up all the tiles outside our apartment. Carted them off, recement the floor and laid out a path for the residents to get to the lifts. 
In between all those we were entertained by the ever irritating noise from the jack hammer and don't forget the dust. 
Thank you very much. My plants outside were covered with a layer of dust. And you know how it is with dust. They creep in to our place even though we had placed a cloth at the bottom of the door. 
Guess it can't be helped.... It just a temporary inconvenience but nevertheless it can be so annoying ! 

08 October, 2014

Oh Henry !

Look, what I found ..
And it is in fun size too..